Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snippets of Serenity

This was pretty serene..and not to far from here (you think I would of jotted down the name?)- was another ranch in the town of Waimea. This was more of an outing than on an errand.

(Little video of donkey's in the pasture- late afternoon)

To-day, O hearken, nor your folly mourn
For time mispent, that never will return..

But see the sons of vegetation rise,
And spread their leafy banners to the skies.
All-wise Almighty Providence we trace
In trees, and plants, and all the flow'ry race;
As clear as in the nobler frame of man,
All lovely copies of the Maker's plan.
The pow'r the same that forms a ray of light,
That called creation from eternal night
Taken from (Thoughts on The Works of Devine Providence)
~Phillis Wheatley 1754- 1784

(different view of the ranch)
This area is peppered with Jacaranda trees -

The way home along the Hamakua Coast..
Notice how glassy the sea was-

Cows transformed in Sepia


Joyful said...

What fantastically beautiful scenery of the ranch. Is it yours? I couldn't watch the video. I don't know if you're aware but google no longer stores videos so that might explain why yours doesn't work.

Joyful said...

OOPs! I see you answered my question in your post. Talk about low concentration, lol.

Regina said...

Penny, ha ha, I'm glad you noticed cause I haven't been on top of it but am going to make an effort. These were a couple on a trip taken recently (sort of the halfway around the Island). You probably couldn't watch it because It was in my draft and I uploaded it the same way I did the others but forgot to correct it. Should be ok now. Thanks..and no I wasn't aware of that.

Joop Zand said...

Wonderful pictures....very well done.

Greetings, Joop

Sandra said...

i am back after a couple of days off, like the sepia cow shot. and i can feel the serenity just looking at your photos. so happy you were out for fun and not just an errand. stop and smell the donkey's LOL that is what i would do, if i had to choose between smelling roses and smelling donkey's the donkey's win. great post, headed down below to see what i missed

teca said...

My God! It's wonderful! Thank you for sharing, dear Regina.
Wish you joy and peace of mind.
Good Sunday with yours.
Warm hug and love.

WebbieLady said...

It looks so peaceful and the animals, they are contented beautiful products of nature. I watched the video too. Great photos and I enjoyed looking at the views.

Webbielady's Places

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You know what? I so totally want a wooden sign over our farm gate like that! Any tips for convincing my husband to build one? ;-)

rainfield61 said...

I spent a total of 4 hours trekking at a new place to me.

Yes, pretty serene too.

We are treated with fairness.

Ginny said...

How beautiful! I love that poem, though not really as good as the ones that you write. Is this a ranch that you pay and can tour, or does it belong to someone you know? Your header is so pretty with the reflection, so glad to see a new post up!!!

Amin said...

Hello! Wonderful post! Thanks!

Amin said...

Very beautiful photos!

The Write Girl said...

What a beautiful post...I love the collage of photos and video. I like Phyllis Wheatley as a poet. She was a very talented writer. Thanks so much for sharing Regina.

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