Monday, May 30, 2011

Gardening Tales

Seemed everyone had something on their mind? When I got home, I stepped outside to check on my garden.. was when I noticed one of the Myna's missing?
You may recall a post I did of the bed below full of Walking Blue Iris..
This is the last of them
A troublesome flat in the wheel barrel was finally fixed thanks to my husband!
Here is the empty bed..only it really doesn't look so big here, yet it was actually 
18x4' before I extended the width over the last week. It's raised with lava rocks..and lucky most of it was in place from a few years back when I had a  lot more energy!!

Pictured below are two of my son's donkeys..they not only mow all of his grass, but he brought me a couple of nice buckets of manure for the mix-

Back to the missing Myna..
I peeked in the wheel barrel and he
 seemed to have a pretty good idea who it might be!
Ya, well this one wasn't saying anything..
And she only wanted to play with her Flippy Flopper!
Just when I thought the worst..he strolls up?


Anonymous said...

Blue Iris..sigh***so beautiful to walk by and yet so peaceful!
Does the donkeys have a name? They look like twins, walking together..sweet!
Is that your cat? I love cats...
You're so lucky to have nature embrace you than the other way around!! Preserve and continue to nourish Mother Earth and her life like this!!

rainfield61 said...

I am always fascinated by the reptile.

I am still searching for the alike to be my star.

Sandra said...

so there is a happy ending, i am relieved. loved the flowers and of course the DOG.. always love the cats and dogs and birds. glad mr mynah came back. nice flower bed, now you have to fill it again. good shot of the wheel barrow, liked that to... i do have to say i would love to see and pet those donkeys. i love donkeys

Leenie said...

Those creatures in your garden of Eden seem to have figured out free agency and choice---not answering to anyone unless it pleases them. Hehe.

I love your organic lawn mowers who come bring their own fertilizer. I'd guess you may have problems with them getting a little close to the flowers with their edge trimming.

I'm glad Mr. Myna was just off whistling up some grub and had not become compost in the making.

Anzu said...

I'm happy to be able to share your daily life with your reliable and charming fellows.∬´ー`∬

Ginny said...

Where is the myna, do they fly wild outside, was it a pet in a cage? Beautiful header, why WALKING iris? Did they get up and walk out of that flower bed?

teca said...

I don't know why I could not post comment on your blog. In some I did.
I leave my warm hug and thanks for the many beautiful and moving posts you make.
Sweet kisses and love.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my... donkeys?! I didn't know, or did I forget in my elder age (smile)? They are darlings! I love this entire post. Also, from your post today - I'm sorry you've had a blue day. Things will get better!! I will anxiously await your beautiful posts upon your return ;) Cheers! -Tammy

Amin said...

Very beautiful post!

Sandra said...

love the flower and droplets in the header.

DoanLegacy said...

Beautiful photos and fun to see with the critters.

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