Monday, June 7, 2010

In The Kingdom of the Fungi, Pt. 1

They aren't plants but are in fact closely related to animals. Their body is called mycellium..the visible part of the fungus being only the fruit.
Many of them spreading over hundreds of square miles.
Fungus, placed in a kingdom of there own apart from plant and animals. They breathe in oxygen just like we do although they have no lungs..
They contain no chlorophyll, obtaining there nutrition from metabolizing non living organic matter (like compost).

I just watched this fascinating video by Mycologist Paul Stamets
If you haven't heard of him and have the time- it may surprise you? I happen to think this guy is pretty far out- in that I might not agree with everything or maybe his philosophy necessarily, yet I find him intriguing and informative just the same.

Anyway, I got to thinking about magic mushrooms, ya well years ago I did that. But aside from the experience itself.. which is really hard to put in words- I've always been dumbfounded, something of this nature even exists? I mean if you've ever tried them, you would simply have to ask yourself that?
Well it's been likened to a religious experience-not only because one's perception is so keen or that colors and music for instance happen to be incredibly enhanced, i.e. the value (which is there) has been intensified)- it is that yet within an entirely different dimension. I would say it's very much like a thoroughfare, and I guess it's why you might call it an altered state?

Now, when I'd first taken them, it was a period of my life where I was not at all grounded- (trouble and confusion were building up into an apex). So it was a huge release for me! Shortly after this episode (not related) I had spiritual transformation.

This gets interesting..well then fast forward maybe slightly over a decade when I slipped and made a few poor choices and consequently used them again. (coming up in pt 2 next) Stop scratching your head about that post on "one moment please..where I was fretting about the traffic feed and privacy? Well it's different- (grin), besides this is going some place.

"the latent power of the soul..that ability which was hidden in man after the fall -Why is this called "latent" power? Because in Adam's fall God had not withdrawn from him that "supernatural" power which he once possessed. Instead, this power fell with him and became imprisoned in his body. The power was there; only it could not be expressed. Hence the term latent power. (Watchmen Nee)

I'll leave you with two poems I wrote -(choosing this form as it easily condenses everything). They only serve as a reference- as you may have read them already? You'll find the link to the second one below the first). Incidentally, shattered glass is simply no comparison to mushrooms- period..the point being they both aptly express my inner turmoil and the above reality in the quote by W.N.

"..what For eight long years he uttered not a word. The trance like condition he had achieved is called in the East a state of higher consciousness and can be attained only through deep meditation"
Rabi Maharaj, Tal Brooke, in addition to some other musings coming up in (pt.2 )

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand" (Isaiah 64:8)


Sandra said...

in the first photo the fungi looks like kissing lips.
I had trouble following some of what you said, because I THINK you are talking about drugs of some kind? i don't know what you mean by trying mushrooms. i only ever ate them. from what you wrote, there must be something bad for us we can do with mushrooms. I am glad you found the Lord and are now on the right road and your life has turned completely around. that i can tell by your writings here. thanks for sharing. sign me old fogey living in another world.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Sanra..ya, the "drug usage" thing might be difficult to get past for some..but it's not my intention to "glory in the things we are now ashamed of" (smile)..but to hopefully draw a connection. Thank you for stopping by (the video is pretty interesting though)

Amin said...

Hello!Very informative post!

Amin said...

I love the nature.It is very beautiful.We meet unexpected things in nature.

Amin said...

The first photo is very beautiful.

Amin said...

The video is very interesting.I do not know a lot in English.But I understood something!
Very informative video.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh thank you are funny! I'm so glad you watched the too, I felt it was really informative. Those two photos are taken from very old story books.
The top one does resemble lips (lol) Have a wonderful day friend-

Ginny said...

Well, I found this all very interesting, because I grew up in the era of magic mushrooms, acid, and all things psychadelic. Must admit I did try some things, but not the mushrooms. It's funny how people can smoke or do mushrooms, etc. then say it's O.K. because it's natural and created by God. There is a point to that, I find it interesting...just loved your poem, what I get from it is that you were raised as a Catholic and are not anymore? Do you have a church of choice? The video was both creepy and interesting. I don't know about the mycellium actually knowing we are here, maybe Captain Kirk would agree with that!! Giant pre-historic mushrooms, and mushroome curing flu, killing termites, and providing power through Econol. I'm wondering why this man's findings are not widely talked about and marketed? I have been planning a few mushroom posts for months now, but nothing as thought provoking as this.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Ginny, first of all- thank you! Stamets is on the editorial board of The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, and is an advisor to the Program for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Medical School, Tucson, Arizona. Here is a link I pulled-
Anyway..I honestly appreciate taking the time out for this read! Oh I agree but I mean, this whole thing really did impact our generation huh! caught that too..(sensitive plants do that too), guess that was for effect? Yes-on the trying to nail me down? (heh heh). I'll be by shortly- again- many thanks, I love your imput!

doro said...

Nice and interesting post!
Sorry for my absent from Your blog - I catch a cold and I feel terrible.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Doro, thank you for stopping by- I'm really sorry your not feeling good! That happen to me last week and I still have no energy. I do hope you'll get better soon- Ill be by to visit shortly-(hugs)

The Write Girl said...

I'm always intrigued by your posts and subjects. I am not too familiar with mushrooms so thanks for the facts on this. Thanks for the scriptures as well. Hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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