Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fruit & The End

I’ve looked for fruit in numbers
And what should be
If I’d arrive-
But the path I’d somehow found
Was through a door
To my own table

It was here
I had discovered-
Denying my convenience
Was to break the solemn bread

So I lift the cup
Pass the wine
In memory now-
Looking not
For what’s to come
Or when I should arrive-

It isn’t numbers
Or to an end
It is within
This moment-


Ginny said...

Beautiful header! The poem is rather deep, but lovely, I'm thinking it can mean many things. I'd heard about the crows dropping nuts down on the highway for cars to crack, but had forgotten about that!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Lovely poem, and I am in love with that building! Of course, since I have certain feathered friends on the brain currently... I think it would make the perfect chicken coop :)

One of my favorite flowers in your header too... gorgeous! -Tammy

Eaton Bennett said...

So very, very true, Regina...

and every moment is precious!

Sandra said...

i love these photos, the are not what I would expect to see in hawaii, I always think flowers and fruits and forget that there are cattle rances and farms there. love the header flower

Dave said...

Beautiful window shot and lovely poem too.

and to answer your question, a very warm filter was applied PP.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks to you all..Ginny- that's cause we like to think deep thoughts)) ((grin)..glad you enjoyed!I should do a re-po on my little crows! Tammy, it sure would make a sweet home! This is an abandoned cabin in the mountains, thanks:) glad you popped in and are still about (big hug)!
Sandra, ya, I'm making it an aim to highlight some the not so obvious aspects of the Island.
Grateful for your visit Dave! That's cool-

Leenie said...

A poem that makes us think. Appreciation of what is ours instead of longing for what is not.

But this time not a bird in the hand, but a bird in a cabin. Nice photos of the inside, the inhabitants and the landscape beyond.

Regina said...

Beautiful header my friend. Great poem and photos.
Have a lovely day and week.

Amin said...

I mean the flower.

Amin said...

Good morning!
The header is wonderful!
I have not seen before so like photo.

Amin said...

I do not know English very well.
I think deep poem!

rainfield61 said...

Yes, it is within this moment. So true.

Ginny said...

Your comment about the whale hunting ban interested me. What's going on? Does this have anything to do with the oil spill? I can't think of a connection.

maiaT said...

I like your lovely poem and the new header photo is amazing.
Have an easy week!

jeannette said...

Regina, the way you choose your words, makes one pauze -I really like it! You're the queen of headers, as always!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Lennie, ya, don't know why..seems to be hard just being in the present and maybe harder just being? Thanks- As always Regina, Amin -happy you came by to share your thoughts! Ginny, not directly but don't see how this move would make things any fuzzier for Obama right now? Maia- appreciate the read here as well as your terrific blogs- Hi there Jeannette, glad yo stopped by(long time)..hope your doing well!! Still must be busy with your all your painting and crafts! (Hugs)

Amin said...

Good morning!
The photo is very thoughtful.

Amin said...

I looked at Your old post to day....Paralles to light...Interesting

The Write Girl said...

This is a beautiful poem. Some of the lines make me think of communion. Your words are always deep, spiritual, and heartfelt. Take care :)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Amin..glad you liked that!!
Why thank you Katina..I appreciate your words!
Someone else mentioned having trouble recently..hmm?

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!