Monday, February 2, 2009

For One Single Impression's Prompt- Slowly- Haiku

layer by layer
A forest floor-


Jim said...

Very pretty pictures, Regina. I don't know what you call all those little fuzzy things but you did really good with your 'old camera.'
"Click to enlarge" gets me back into the computer Internet world. I was starting to see it build up slowly in layers.

I liked your long poem a whole lot. I was there with you. Please leave it posted.

Regina Marie said...

Thanks Jim for your kind & encouraging words!
They are different types of moss with an assortmet of foilage in a fern forest here along Saddle Road.

Eaton Bennett said...

I can't believe I missed these gorgeous photos,
thank you for telling me about them and that little frog, I assume; is just the icing on the cake in that photo. Your Haiku is lovely, so few words to give the impression of age old forests.

Eaton. :)

Beth P. said...

Dear Regina Maria!
Wow--what a beautiful haiku. My heart went 'ah'...that's how I know good poetry...

Also went 'ah' at your red hair! And at Moo Moo! I've had shepherds almsot my whole life, and they do love to sleep on our pillows, do they not!

Lovely site--thanks for visiting mine. Let's be friends!

Regina Marie said...

Thank you glad you enjoyed it. I guess your up close in your face Eucalyptus flowers & blossoms did it! I took several of an Ohia blossom...but one was of it just opening only I thought it was on zoom. Boy, makes a difference sometimes.
Beth..lets- I clicked on your link & the one above but I couldn't access either? I can get to your site via O.S.I. though. I'll be back.. Thanks for your warm reply. Hey, ya, that shot she was a tad younger but she's only 2 years now. I'd like to go back to red- Ha.

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