Monday, February 2, 2009

Slowly -A Whole Generation Sways

For OSM- Slowly

Legends spawn in living rooms
Chameleons peer through palms
Along palace halls
An ancient fly on history's wall

Our primes
Like a lazy river boat
Clouds sail by
Days are long
Every generation glows
The candle burns down

Subtle is the wind
Pages flip
Thirty & forty stick together
Night's coming on

Legends spawn in living rooms
A whole generation sways
Is taken down
You've heard the sound
A single tune like kerosene
Sweeps the masses
Turn it on
You've got classics

Not junk candy
What leaves you like pop
Bored, for gladiators
While your flashed a behind
Should you oblige
Retailer's peddle
Slide a hand up
No sense of shame
Still it's all the same
The candle burns down

1 Cor 15:36.."That which you sow does not come to life unless it dies;"


Jim said...

This is nice, Marie. I feel the tempo picking up some as we go along here. However the candle burning does not change its pace.
Lots of things start in those living rooms.
I like it. There a lot to digest here.

When you get your computer able to run YouTube you might come back and look at this one, it is soooooo funny.
I have a One Single Impression on my Little Photo and Poem Place again this week. Come read.

Regina Marie said...

Hi Jim. Prime appears slow and you can't see it catching up.. Your probably right too. On the other hand, my dad's 92 and feels as if he's been here forever. (smiles)
Was that the lady drivers? I was able to finally see it and commented on your blog after the first one. I will definetly check your photo & poem out! We're using an old modem temporarily

Eaton Bennett said...

I liked this one a lot, gina.

SandyCarlson said...

A precious thing....slowly created. Beautiful.

Amias said...

I read this yesterday, and I come back to read it again so I can comment, but only three lines showing up. Maybe it's my server. I will try again later.

Jim said...

This still gets my vote for first place. The one below comes in second for me.

BTW, it was 71°F here just before I headed over. I keep a temperature gauge on Jim's Little Blog.

zoya gautam said...

..the pages of time turn a new leaf slowly..
a beautiful poem..many thanks..

Amias said...

I was right .. I liked it the first time, and I love the classic.

DeLi said...

wow! i love your place....and this entry is kind of nostlagic for me

Regina Marie said...

Thanks Eaton..I appreciate your input-
Sandy, I know you were referring to the ferns (I did that to you again) ha..Zoya..greatful for the read. Amias...I do thank you for your kind words...yesterday I saw so many of yours on other encouraging.
DeLi..thanks..I remember you from last time and your cool site-

Quiet Paths said...

Jim is right; this is thick with meaning and I'm catching some of it like I want to sit up straight and pay attention because something cool just flew past the window. I really like this.

Tammy said...

Slowly is the wonderful part. ;) Nice job, thanks for sharing this.

Jone said...

The images are lovely and the photo incredible.

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