Friday, January 30, 2009

Nicotine On Coal

My son
He quit...

Then I rose
With the morning dew
And behold-
Within my barbeque pit

The ashes knew
He'd lit-
Little creep..


Jim said...

My son too! I think he has quit for a few months now but I haven't talked with him about it.
Did you know Beyonce is from our Houston? We are real proud of her.

Eaton Bennett said...

I've experienced the same with my kids. I like the way this poem flows and that I don't have to juggle around in my head what you're trying to say. :)

Regina Marie said...

Hi Jim...that's funny, and sometimes it gets quiet..ha
Ya thanks, hopefully I can pull it off more often Eaton-

Byron said...

Hey mom, your right that photo of the butts was pretty cool. LOL
When you told me about it, I was thinking 'what?'

Bren said...

oh my gosh this poem is hilarious. i tried looking at some of the others i missed but apparently they're gone already. sadness. wish i could get on more often to read them.

Regina Marie said...

I'm glad you stopped by and you liked it..hope everything's going ok-

Turnbill said...

Cigarette butts are becoming a common meme among photo-bloggers. Elaine has one, Dustin has one and I have one as well.

I love the poem!

Elaine- said...

lol well maybe a common theme, but i took enuff heck for it! quitting is hard!! have pity on your son lol thanks for visiting my blog :)

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