Friday, January 16, 2009

A Summer's Day

For One Single Impression’s
prompt, “Summer Day”

Summer's kind of been like fall
Still beyond-
Tomorrow calls

So should December
Find us grey
Remember still, tomorrow calls

In the whirl
Of that autumn breeze

She'll spread her warmth
Over a dreary day
Green red or tinted gold
Ever turning are the leaves

Summer's kind of been like fall
Still beyond
Tomorrow calls-


Jim said...

Hi GMarie, this is a lovely poem. It looks towards 'tomorrow' always. Mine is looking toward evening.

You probably signed up just after I did, I just noted that Mr. Linky has been taken down. Geraldine gave us the post, if you will click on her comments most of the 25 participated in the Summer's dream. Some will return your visit. I didn't visit much as I just returned from a cruise (Queen Mary 2) on Tuesday and am trying to catch up.

She is here: (paste this address)

SandyCarlson said...

The memory of color and vibrancy of summer are welcome balms on a winter day. Thanks.

gmarie said...

Thank you Jim for the nice comment..evening is upon me just now. I appreciate the link too! I will check it out & your blog.

Sandy, much thanks; I do remember your blog when I perused V.O.S.-and will be's the lovely snowy picures along w/poetry-

kwihee said...

i really love this one gmarie! very nice. i read it a few times.

Regina Marie said...

Hey Kwihee, so glad you stopped in..thanks.

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