Friday, January 2, 2009

Faith's Lamb-

Man has a satellite tower
Wears it like a Meter
The heart is deceitful

Dragons painted as myth
Idols cast in stone
Mortals with their painted lips
Sail off in transient ships
For the fountain of youth
A relentless track

Creation groans, subjected-
Vitality slips through the cracks


Simulation strikes a blow
Angels have been summoned
The promise impaired
Momentarily diverted
Oh death,

We'll be spared

With swords drawn
Desiring goodness within this flesh
March, thoughtless
Against the best

Faith's lamb
Dismantles every sort of sham
Mortals in costume
With painted lips
Sailing off
In transient ships

Doves in route
Awaken vessels
From their slumber
Light tumbles through celestial

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