Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Should Victims Do?

Are you a victim?
I came across this one while sipping a nice hot cup of coffee this morning, wondering how many others had a big grin on their face like me when they read it? (heh heh)
 (Obama bill-paying hoax sweeps up victims nationwide) 
An aunt, Lee said, insisted that she paid her insurance and cell phone bills with one of the "routing numbers she received through the grapevine."

A nephew used the system to make a car payment..

It gets richer-

"I guess because everybody needs some type of help, Lee said it's really bad out there"

Uniformed con men with clipboards went door to door in a handful of states, signing people up by collecting Social Security numbers and then giving them phony bank routing numbers to use to pay their bills."
(No matter what you heard, President Barack Obama won't pay your bills)
 Hmm, I see they posted a picture of two white people?
Speaking of cons..wonder if I could balance this out?
There..I fixed it! 


eileeninmd said...

I have not been conned myself. But, I have heard of horror stories from others. Everyone should be careful when giving out there social security number. I hope everything is well with you, glad I came across your post. Have a great day.

Anzu said...

The Internet society in particular will further hasten this progress as it transcends the borders between nations. In other words, there was concern about the possibilities for abuse.   Regina !~(=^‥^)ノ☆ Have a nice weekend with your lovely family.

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