Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Emphasis Must Be On The Order...

I'm a slave, what can I say?
Romans 6:16 says "But thanks be to God that, though you used to be slaves to sin, you have come to obey from your heart the pattern of teaching that has now
claimed your allegiance"
Life in Christ..this slavery Romans is referring to, is just as simple as gravity. Sure you could ignore it all but there wouldn't be much life to it.
vs. 18 "You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness." Well perhaps you have a problem with the idea we're sinners..but we do have laws and stuff because of..shall we say, baaaad behavior (lol) 
This is therapy for me..but I'll make a good point -promise (heh heh)
Now, no one can trap your thoughts.. 
(My dog could be thinking something fuzzy)
For instance,  Anderson Cooper announced he's gay..that doesn't concern me in the least, but the battle is currently over ideas. It's uncanny when once you freely give yourself (unlike something tyrannical) you naturally fall into line..I mean it's set up that way..a Spiritual order of things, whether we recognize it or not.
But what happens is, you sort of begin placing things in that order- a priority..where you don't have to try. It takes a little vision..think of it as a natural way to keep your sanity (like dusting your brains) the hard part is our will.. bringing your own thoughts into alignment (captive) the way God intended.
But this is an exercise which God has certainly equipped us with to practice.
My husband demonstrated vision yesterday morning. He yanked the ice box out and thoroughly cleaned all the dust that accumulated underneath. The result is, the cooling system is humming and he saved us trouble in the future..that's what you want!
So back to Cooper.. it isn't that I think he's a bad man for his choice or even a good man.. rather I might think of the distraction like this -"Gee, back in February of last year, CNN producer Steve Brusk Tweeted, "Anderson said he was punched 10 times in the head as pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover the demonstration" back in Egypt.
But, what the media intentionally failed to mention for over a week (oh those pesky thoughts that other people have) was the fact that Lara Logan

who also accompanied Cooper, was sexually assaulted by a mob of at least 200 muslim men. isn't enough just sort through your own darn, I'm gathering it would be much better for us for them, if we all thought the pro-Mubarak mob was responsible? Ohhh, wonder why?
Alright..more on order. But see, it was our administration who decided to make LGBT mandatory, bringing sweeping changes in the school system (baaad idea)
Why do I mention this again? (Coming up next) Despite a plea from the Obama administration that the military ban on sodomy and bestiality be luck,  
but relaaax, their working on it though!

Well, they'd love it if everyone just got caught up over the issue of someone elses thoughts..but we can't afford to do that, can we?
In closing, when I hear about hate crimes  thoughts, it might be tempting, but the only way to adjust this smoke screen, is to simply remind each other about what our conscious was made for! It's the power of the cross.. course, you still have to use it (heh heh) 
~My loving thoughts~

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