Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Different Adjustments

 Just want to apologize for a longer than expected break, but I'm happy that you didn't forget about me! Thanks to all for your kind words..I can't tell you how much that meant! 
For those of you who did celebrate Thanksgiving- I hope it was the best ever!

I still want to express my gratitude at a time reminiscent of Easter in that it seems faith is under assault..especially here in America where we're often reminded of our failures.
I've penned here, why I feel we are different-

2 Co 3:17 says "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty"

If we believe those words, then we are only able to truly defend her.
Everything in regard to America's future- has to be adjusted at this point.

Pilgrims came from far away lands,
Seeking freedom and refuge from persecution

Baggage- we know they brought more than just clothes on their backs-
Yet, they carried within them a legacy
Held this treasure deep inside. 
The Founders then brilliantly wove this into the very fabric our Constitution.

Here lies the distinction together with the power of our uniqueness-
They sailed along with those
With entirely different motives-
Who would never share that vision.

Yet, it's simply the spiritual makeup of humanity
As old and stark in it's contrast as Cain and Able..

Our Constitution..
Is it not just as the that it was meant to direct us to the Spirit?..(so that if we simply adhere to the spirit)- the fruit would be life and liberty..not to become confused with the world's grasping at the outside, the temporal..but what God has demonstrated in His son, through life in him- which he can only rectify ~ (when we submit on an individual basis.) This can only be worked out daily.
The spiritual opposition to this legacy presents another adjustment- notice it must ever carry a pickle jar with all of America's screw ups.
Can you imagine if God did that to us?
But the power of the gospel is, that the adjustment will always come on an individual basis.

America hangs in the balance..Sharia law is at our door- ironically, the same story we were told about in the book of Exodus-  back in Egypt.
It's over Slavery and the Promise- that of the Lamb who was slain
Ja 1:25 "But he who looks closely into the perfect Law--the Law of freedom--and continues looking, he, being not a hearer who forgets, but an obedient doer, will as the result of his obedience be blessed."

Thanks again for your kind words and e-mails..I just got behind but will be by to visit tomorrow-


Joyful said...

Some deep words for some dark times. Let every one of us search our hearts for what the Spirit will have us hear. Glad to see you back my friend. Take good care of yourself. Hugs. xx

Sandra said...

welcome back, hope you are feeling better now. our nation is under attack and it makes me very afraid for us, it can come from within by ignoring things like Shariah law cases. we can not just ignore things and hope they go away

eileeninmd said...

Hi, welcome back. I am sure you deserved a break. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was nice, do you celebrate?

Regina said...

Thanks Penny!
Sandra, it is and yet somehow, we know he's in control and will work this out for our good (hugs)
Eileen..I do and it was wonderful and I hope yours was as well~

Hanne Bente said...

Good morning Regina.
It's so nice to see that again post on your blog.
I know you're somewhere out there, and are so happy for your comment on my blog.
Hope you are well, pass very well for yourself.
Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!