Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hilina Pali 2, Line & The Floor

Weaving in between
Circles and lines
Drawn back like gravity
Over time
Doors we enter
Can often seem like floors
Gang of trees fighting over a wig-
It fell
 Fire dancers keeping watch at the entrance of the forest, snagged it!

Pahoehoe - smooth lava below..
 Our hope
 The spring out of ashes
 Hawaiian Petroglyphs - Hilina Pali

Another view from the bottom-
 Contrast of earlier flows and sky as well as growth - 

The elements are pretty diverse here and in the above photo it just feels strange to be so close and level with the deep blue ocean like that.
(This was about where we parked)
Notice the smoke from the volcano.. very tame, but can change in a moment~ 


Ginny said...

Wonderful pictures and thoughts. I got a really good laugh about the trees fighting over the wigs! And I love your thought about doors sometimes seeming more like floors.

Joyful said...

Just stopped by before I head out for pneumatic compression therapy. I love your images and your narrative evokes some deep thought. I esp. like the line "doors can seem like floors". Something to ponder....have a wonderful day! (p.s. thanks for leaving comments at my blog post yesterday. I haven't had time yet to post replies there ;-)

Anzu said...

I feel the power of the land of your island. Those plants and undulation look so unique to me.
Amazing Nature Power ! w(*゚o゚*)w 

Bananazஇ said...

I feel the earth move under my feet..haha song sounds familar by Carole King. Nice terrain cracking up and the tall gigantic trees which inspires the movie Avatar. tQ.

Aneta said...

This landscape moves me every time I enter your blog... Is the poem yours? "doors we enter can often seem like floors". This moves me and opens me too

Sandra said...

i really really really like the first and last shot. the designs in the lava are amazing and awesome, or is it just rock. so beautiful and something I have never seen or will see. i guess these sights are common to you but to me they are so different than my every day life. beautiful and I like the view UP to the top of that beautiful tree.

Anya said...

Looks also scary
but also great natural shots!!

Your words are fantastic
you are a poet ;-)

Amin said...

Hello! I liked this post!

Amin said...

Wonderful photos!

Amin said...

Wonderful header!

Joyful said...

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eileeninmd said...

Another great post and lovely words, Regina! I love the photos, the landscapes and skies look beautiful. Have a great weekend! Take Care!

rainfield61 said...

The header is marvelous!!!!!!!

Is still marvelous!!!!

It is still marvelous!!!!

Though doors we enter can often seem like floors.

But marvelousness is still marvelousness.

Amin said...

Hello! Beautiful nature photos!

teca said...

Marvelous shots, Regina!! And what a beautiful thought! Thank you for all!

Have a nice week, dear.
Warm hug and love.

。♥ Smareis ♥。 said...

Suas fotos são muito bonita. Espetacular, me encantaram.parabéns pelo trabalho tão bonito.Gostei muito do seu blog, e ja estou seguindo. Convido a conhecer meu blog e seguir-me se gostares. Um abraço!

The Write Girl said...

There is natural beauty in every image. It's always a treat to visit your site :)

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