Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Different Shade of Blue

Well the sun had come up
In just the same way
But it shown through the trees
As if hidden from me

For a moment,
Then it was gone..
An if I recall,

The sky took a different shade of blue

Sometimes I know
Just where I'm going
Then I'm lost again..
But it's when I reach
For the words
In my hat

Then wait for the notes
That could give wings
To lift me through
These clouds an sing..

I listened to a song
With a harmony so sweet
Strained to learn the meaning
The arrangements didn't meet

Now I've pondered the sword
No peace that He'd bring-

Not as this world gives..
Unity an fellowship
Or how far we'll go
To this here thing
We mightily abhor

But I'm told not to marvel
In 1st John 3
If the world hates you
We know that w
e have passed
Out of death into life,
Because we love the brethren...


eileeninmd said...

Lovely poem and photo! I hope you are doing well. Glad to see you posting, I hope you have a wonderful week.

rainfield61 said...

The sun may come up in just the same way.

Others may also appear in the same way.

We feel differently at different moment.

So they appear differently.

Anzu said...


Ginny said...

You're back!!! And better than ever with an excellent poem and spooky misty pictures!! Did you get my e-mail, how are you?

Joop Zand said...

Lovely poem and a very nice picture.

greetings from Holland, Joop

Bananazஇ said...

Nice poetry the sun will certainly shine again..

DoanLegacy said...

Beautiful photo, and a great poem to go with it..I hope the blues have left you..

Sandra said...

beautiful poem, and the foggy header is super. i like that blue sky glowing behind the trees i love so much. great shots

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful verses...I'm glad you are back and writing Regina. I went to visit a friend down in Miami. She's a med student. It was fun (a girl's outing). Back to work for me now. Take Care :)

Short Poems said...

Woww!! Sooo Beautiful Fantastic Write Up! Love it!
Poverty Poems

Amin said...
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Amin said...

Have a wonderful day with Yours!

Amin said...

I agree with comments...very beautiful post...

Amin said...

Beautiful poem and beautiful photo!

Icy BC said...

Gorgeous photo and a marvelous poem also..I think we all have different shade of blue from time to time.

Icy BC said...

I hope my comment show up; it just disappeared!

I love your photo and your poem is fantastic. We all have a different shade of blue from time to time :-)

Rose said...

Wonderful words and images. Such a beautiful sky. Lovely!

Amazing Gracie said...

When I heard about the volcano I thought of you. I hate to see the ash falling like this but I guess it's good for the soil, if there's any good in it! I haven't posted since right after my grandson died. Just haven't had the heart for it. I know it's good to take some time off. It helps refresh our minds and renew, too.
Take care, my friend...

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