Friday, May 6, 2011

The Flash of a Firefly

These were taken along the Saddle-  
on that shopping run to the other side of the Island last week-

As the pipes keep the shape of the wind
Even when the wind has fled
And is no longer there
So words keep the shape of man
Even when man has fled
And longer there~
George Seferis

What is life
It is the flash of a firefly
In the night
It is the breath of a buffalo
In the wintertime
It is the little shadow
Which runs across the grass
Loses itself in the sunset~
(Crowfoot 1819)


rainfield61 said...

"So words keep the shape of man,
Even when man has fled"

I wonder how my shape will be after years, centuries..

at least, in the blogosphere.

Tulika Verma said...

beautiful! and the second picture! *sigh*

Kilauea Poetry said...

(lol)..our words will multiply and scatter around this sphere like stardust (grin)
A big welcome Tulika, I'm glad to meet you..thanks for your thoughts! Wishing you a wonderful weekend-

Regina said...

Wow beautiful scenes and captures!
The sky is fantastic.
Happy Mom's Day my friend.
I will post pink roses in a while for Mother's Day.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Rose said...

Such amazing photos. Wow, the scenery is superb! And the second photo is something out of this world. Just wonderful!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous photos and poems. The second photo is wonderful, I love the scene and the shot of your dog on the walk. I wish you a Happy Mothers Day and a great weekend!

Sandra said...

thanks i enjoyed my short trip into Hawaii with you, i like seeing what you see on a daily basis. your hawaii is so much different than what the ads show us. keep posting MORE of your state. i want to see it. did you know there is a woman peaking into your window??? ha ha

Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures, Gina!! I have used the Crowfoot quote before and love it, but never heard the one about man's words, that is excellent and I will copy that and put it on our prayer line. You were maybe the only one who noticed how late I was posting yesterday. I had downloaded Internet Explorer 9 and it messed me up so that my blog wouldn't publish. Sandra talked me through it on the phone, got me two browsers and fixed the old one, so I was up and running shortly after lunch. Be careful of I.E. 9 if you don't have it yet, it's causing problems for some people, but not for everyone.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh thank you Regina!
Rose..I apprecitated your thoughts and visit!!
Hi Eileen..I'm glad for the places we can take her..happy you stopped by-
Sandra, ya, seems I won't be out of the jungle too soon..perhaps I need to head for the ocean? Thanks-
Ginny, (snicker)..I copied that Crowfoot quote from one of your posts..figuring I'd let a little time lapse (ha ha). So you had some trouble..hmm, I hope it doesn't become a problem..glad Sandra was able to work you through it!

Misalyn said...

Hi Regina. Its been a while the last time I pop up here. Today is Mother's day ( i don't know whether it is already May 8 in your side of the world). Anyway, happy mother's day!

Your photos are stunning. I specifically photo #1 which reminds of our existence. Last photo is so amazing. Rays are so perfect and tranquility is all what I can think of while looking at the photo.

Have a nice weekend dear.

teca said...

Ah... this post is spectacular!
Thank you!

Amin said...

Beautiful photos!

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!