Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tree Trips 2, Are You My Mommy?

Above our bay window, little sparrows and Java finches
 regularly build their nests.

Well, my husband found this little fledgling shortly after our cat did. He was slightly roughed up like the last one, so he figured he'd put him back under the eves. Next day, he walked up the trail and noticed the same cat with her mouth full..yet ironically, she willingly set him down beside his feet unharmed?
 I took him in he gave him to me..
I sat down, aware I was out of baby bird formula but didn't want to mess with I told this little guy I'd help him look for his parents! Strange..he was healthy and completely trusting.

What I didn't realize was that there are two nests side by side (sparrows to the left and java finches to the right)

So, we stepped out and began to wander around together..
We noticed all the raindrops clinging and decided the fern appeared quite
happy with the flowers?

Still, we gazed up
But the lovely Blue Marble with her young sprout shook her head-
By then, we were ready to change our tone..
Still holding him in my palms I lifted him higher. He gave a few chirps alerting his parents who suddenly appeared at that moment! With a whoosh, I flung him in the air and whispered he was brave. He flew up to some brush and dangled from the nearest branch while mom and dad swooped down to his rescue!! Satisfied, I grabbed kitty and promptly walked back into the house.


doro said...

Regina - adorable!
Cute little bird!
Hugs from Busko-Zdrój city!

Ginny said...

What a wonderful story and pictures to go with it!! I can't believe baby remained unscathed despite two encounters with kitty!! And you actually took him to his parents!

rainfield61 said...

I like the effect of the photo seeing a bird flying towards you.

It looked like the parent was flying out from the heaven.

So nice.

Leenie said...

Good to hear a happy ending to that story.

Your photos and their different treatments are a fun trip through your wet, warm world. I especially like the raindrop photo. Plants like the big philodendron only grow as house plants around here.

Joyful said...

What a marvellous story and so miraculous that the baby bird survives. Maybe she is really a cat in disguise :-)

Rose said...

So cute, so sweet, loved this post so very much! :)

Joyful said...

KP, I don't have an email for you but am just watching the coverage on the earthquake in Japan. I understand Hawaii is under tsunami warning. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May God protect you and your family and your countrymen. I am praying for Japan as well..and NZ. Hugs xx

Joop Zand said...

These pictures are vey nice, thanks for sharing them with us.

Greetings, Joop

eileeninmd said...

A nice story with a happy ending. Love the cute baby bird and the two together are they the java finches. Wonderful post and photos.

i stora drag said...

Lovely photos and a very cute story about you rescuing the little bird!

I hope you don't will be hit by the tsunami I heard about in the radio and seen on television this day!

Regards from Sweden
and Pia

Sandra said...

adorable and precious little bird, so glad you went wandering. love love the water drops and the view UP that tree...keep wandering and shopping

Amin said...

Very cute post!

Amin said...

The Siyezen region is not far from our home...about 30 km-s...

Anja said...

Cute cute little birdy :-)
So sweet to help him/her !!!
Fantastic shot Regina Puurfect :-)

Hugs from us and be careful
I heard on Dutch TV it would be dangerous in Hawai
be careful please WE NEED YOU :-)

Anya said...

wrong account
sorry it was ME !!!!

Regina said...

So cute!
Amazing post my friend.

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