Friday, March 11, 2011

Kilauea To Japan..I Hear You

The frequently restive volcano on the island of Hawaii spewed a plume of lava 160 feet (50 metres) tall on Wednesday, more than twice as high as molten rock shot into the sky when eruptions flared anew on Saturday.

Do you think we are closely connected?
Though we've had hundreds of small earthquakes (see the list here), and (here) since the floor of the crater collapsed..seemed they've picked up?During the tsunami alert late last night, we felt a jolt of 4.5!
Kilauea's (Pu`u O`o vent)- aerial shot you may recall I took back in December-

  New Zealand  must still be dealing with the one which struck on the 2nd!
Anyhow, I want to thank you for your concern..I'm pretty sure we're out of danger here.
 I'm guessing you've seen many clips by now, but I'll leave you with this footage I thought was pretty incredible and sad.


eileeninmd said...

Wow, amazing photos of the volcano. I am glad you believe you are safe there, I hope it stays that way. The quakes and the volcano erupting are scary and cool at the same time. I been watching the Tsunami photos all day on the news, it is heartbreaking for all that have been hit with the death and destruction. My thoughts and prayers go out to them all.

Joyful said...

Good to hear from you. I've seen that footage you posted on TV. It makes houses, boats and big buildings look like pieces powerful. Prayers are with everyone in Japan and so glad to hear you're safe. Apparently there was some damage in Oregon and Cali but am not sure how much.

teca said...

I1m very, very happy that you and your family are well.
I was very impressed with everything I saw on TV.
I have the impression that the planet is in fury.
Do you remember the tragedy here in Brasil recently?
Oh God, please, look through our entire humanity!
A warm hug and make everything good.
A beautiful weekend, Regina.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I was definitely thinking about you today, and praying for your safety. I was relieved to hear that Hawaii was spared! Such incredible footage from Japan. We took care of our little Japanese lady neighbor until a couple of years ago when she was moved into a local nursing home (we still visit). What a dear lady, and her grandson tells me that the hardest hit place (Sendai?) is where she was originally from. Probably still has family there, and he is trying to find and contact them. Prayers for all...
glad you're okay! Hugs, Tammy

Regina said...

Hello friend. Thank God our country are spared we just had a small waves last night.
I've been monitoring as well. I have family in Japan.
We know that these are signs and I think wake up call to be ready all the time. He is coming soon!
Happy weekend.

Ginny said...

I'm glad you're alright. I hadn't heard anything about Hawaii, only Japan. And I don't know how far away they are, I'm awful at geography. I'm still confused. Is Japan close to you? And you are getting some of the same thing, though not as bad?

Joop Zand said...

Pictures are good ..... i'am glad that everything is oké with you and your family.

Let's pray for many many other people in the east.

Best wishes for all of you, Joop

rainfield61 said...

This incident reminded me about the tsunami in Dec, 2004.

The Earth felt discomfort resulted from what we have done days after days. She moved for a better position yesterday.

Sandra said...

so glad you are safe, and you are so right, all of this is connected, that is what i believe, the center of the earth is roiling around and shaking and rolling and spewing all across our world. one day it might just explode into a million pieces. in my 66 years I have never seen nature like this, fires, floods, quakes, winds, cyclones, every part of our world has been touched. and snow and ice like we have not seen before. wow i need to shut up this is getting worse by the word

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Amin said...

It is very good that You and You family are safe.
To day the mud vulcano erupted in our country.

i stora drag said...

I'm also glad to hear that you and yours didn't get harmed with big vawes in Hawaii!
It's so awful all the bad things that had happened now in Japan. It makes one sad.
We all live at the same world and all things are connected.
Kind regards from
Pia in Sweden

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