Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lake On The Summit

(My husband took this first one through his cell phone). I was the only one with a regular camera on this trip..I think?

And what's this?
Why our dog's snoot marks on the glass
(during those pit stops when she wasn't allowed out)!
~ Valentine~

(youngest son with his girlfriend and his almost 1 yr old white shepherd and sml pooch) Ours
is the black- (half shepherd half chow)

(Older son below to the left w/his girlfriend center)

Tiny Lake Waiau on Hawaii's Big Island is one of the highest elevated lakes on the planet. Located at 13,020 feet above sea level, near the summit of Mauna Kea volcano (13,796 feet), Lake Waiau lies in the crater of Pu'u Waiau cinder cone in the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve (more here)

So you can get an idea of the distance Mauna loa above
Lake Waiau below- the namesake of the cinder cone (swirling water of a current)

"Hawaiian mythology associates four goddesses, described as "maidens with white mantles", with the snow covered mountains of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.
 While the lake is only 10 to, at the deepest, maybe 15 to 20 feet deep, it was known as The Bottemless Lake and was thought to be one of several entrances to the Underworld on the Big Island".

Hmm, tastes pretty good..wonder what this big puddle tastes like?

Let the sea resound, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it. Let the rivers clap their hands,
let the mountains sing together for joy;


Ginny said...

Really good pictures! I would have been afraid to stand on any of it because I see parts have melted. How do you know which parts are safe? Plus then I would be trapped in the Underworld. Weren't you breathless? So this is higher than Colorado? But maybe there are no lakes there.

Sandra said...

these are fantastic, i am still blown away to find out there is snow and ice in Hawaii. never knew that, now i do. i realy, really like the photo of your older son and his girfiend with the dogs running towards the camera. beautiful shots, all of these. looks like a fun time

eileeninmd said...

Neat shots of your sons and their friends at the crater, must be freezing there. For some reason I am now thinking of macadamia nuts. An I love all the cute doggies. Thanks for the visit, and I thought my state taxes everything.

Regina said...

Breathtaking my friend!
Thank you for sharing.
Best regards to your family.
(Sleepy already)

maiaT said...

Beautiful images, amazing landscape but it looks so cold out there and dangerous.
I also believed that Hawaii is all sunshine and beautiful flowers.
You have a beautiful family.

Flat Creek Farm said...

These are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your trip to the snow. I love it that you can have the best of both worlds this year - winter & tropical!! :) Blessings to you and yours.. from all of us! -Tammy

rainfield61 said...

You have an early Valentine!

And when the rivers clap their hands, I must clap together.

It is such a great day.

teca said...

Definitely come here is the best thing I can do before I go to bed.
I always remember our pastor when I see your beautiful dog!
And what a cool place! I'll leave you a warm hug to warm the whole family.
Thanks for all the latest posts. I managed to read all. There's so beautiful photo...
I love all musics on the blog!

DoanLegacy said...

So many beautiful photos, but I would be scare to stand out there!

Joyful said...

Beautiful. I love your dog! So handsome ;-) It is odd to see everyone dressed for winter as I never knew you had snow in Hawaii.

Anzu said...

Thank you for sharing precious and beautiful world in Hawaii.
Please pick their(lovely doggies)route carefully !
All of you looks so happy and cheerful, it makes me happy.
Have nice weekend !

S. Etole said...

I'm so glad Sandra sent you by ... thanks for your visit and your comment.

I've enjoyed looking at your photos.

Amin said...

Wonderful photos!

Amin said...

Very interesting place!

Amin said...

Be Happy with Your family!

The Write Girl said...

I love your storytelling and your photos. Would you say that Hawaii has entered a winter period? I am not familiar with the weather patterns where you live. The photos are stunning. I couldn't help but smile at your sons and girlfriends. Makes me think of date night. Very cute. Have a great weekend.

i stora drag said...

Nice photots, Regina! Now I see with my eyes what I didn't know before, that you actually have snow in Hawaii! Amazing!
I live in the south of Sweden and we have had snow now since November. It's not quite usual for the south of Sweden.
Have a nice weekend!
Regards from Pia

doro said...

Amazing snow in this area!
Very nice pics! I think you had wonderful time with family!

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