Friday, June 11, 2010

My Knees Don't Lie

An in-law of mine once insinuated that the women on one side of my family (Aunts) were kind of unfeminine..that even their knees were a little knobby too! Well, I can assure you that's never been the case with me knees are round (fuller) you see, ha ha)

Well I got to thinking about a pair of white boots my parents bought me once (caved into more like). I wore them until they had dark scuff marks all over. They were the one's Nancy Sinatra made popular back in the 1960's!! That's right.."These Boots Are Made For Walking", Now mine happened to be short though..and of course I was very young (cough). But there just wasn't another pair to trade off with..besides, they were my favorite, so I really don't remember my other shoes!

Anyway, I've always been left with the distinct impression my dad didn't care for them..I'm not certain if he ever did?
I can remember a nice fire he started, early one winter evening- just like yesterday. As I stood there warming myself beside the fireplace, he must of noticed me standing on the worn sides of those boots..(you know, where the ankles were suppose to be)? Now please..picture if you will, all those scuff marks! Anyway, he demanded I take them off then and there- then promptly tossed them in the trash! My guess is he would of enjoyed burning them?

It wasn't until I was around 15yrs old that he actually accompanied me to the mall again- for another pair of boots that is (generally it was my mom who did this kind of thing)? Well it didn't take long before I zeroed in on a deep, rich brown leather pair that zipped up to the knees..only to my shock and dismay, I couldn't get the zipper passed my knee caps! My knees are round you see. Suffice it to say, we left the mall in silence...


Ginny said...

This is a very sweet, funny, and rather sad memory. I'm thinking those tree limbs look like legs and knees!!! As I was reading, I was afraid your dad was going to throw those boots into the fire!! I think we all have shoe memories from the past, it would be nice to hear about it from other bloggers. I might post one someday, come to think of it. Yes, I can still rmemeber that video of Nancy dancing in a trot in those boots!!! I'm sorry to hear about your health problem. But I think that type is the least harmful to contract. I will say a prayer for the ultra sound. I have heard it is common to have it for a long time before it's discovereed because it often doesn't show symptoms for so long. Are you on any medicine?

Sandra said...

I have my family knees, they are called knock knees. they tend to knock into each other when we walk. now they are OLD and ROUND and KNOBBY at the same time. when i was young, they did not knock as much. at age 14 my favorite boots (this was in 1958 and majorette boots with tassels were IN) was a white pair of majorette boots with our school tassels on them. i wore them into the ground just like you did. but i don't remember what happened to them, but them my remememberer is older than yours.

rainfield61 said...

My knee don't lie, but you make me keep confirming my knees are round too.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hello to all!! Ya you got that impression from my dad too (heh heh)..I did a google search on those boots and Nancy..I can can understand why they had a hard time with it? Oh well, thanks for your thoughts too!
Sandra..that's funny, but ya..I'm sure many have a story to tell! Tassels uh..I can picture it! they knock when your scared? (grin) A great day to you-

Regina said...

We use boots here during cowboy costume party. And when I'm out of the country during cold weather. I haven't tried that one yet and I think its cool (haha).
Thank you for sharing the wonderful story and memory. Nice one my friend.

(Really so sleepy).

Amin said...

Good morning!
Very interesting!

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