Monday, April 26, 2010

The Present Ground

Watching for a moment
Outside of myself
But couldn't feel
The present ground

Frisbees flew
Through blue mid air
White clouds danced
Above my dog
Happy to leap
Over and over..
The same game

But I leaped at memories
While barely here
Cause there just partly
Made of air
Sill concious of my thoughts
But couldn't feel
The present ground

Those neighborhoods
From where I stood
Where friendships forged
An space was shared-
Are empty
As an echo left
On school halls
Streets I'd passed-
Occupied with someone new..

So God..
Help me
Just to feel
The present ground


The Write Girl said...

This is a beautiful poem...I love the imagery and metaphors of being present and being in thought. It is certainly a poignant piece.

Ginny said...

Memories made of air, leaping at memories like the dog leaps at the frisbee, streets now occupied by someone new, such mental images! I adore this poem!! I used to write many poems, but haven't in years. The Present Ground is amazing, I've read it twice. Keep posting your poems.

Ginny said...

Oops! Forgot to tell you how much I love your header! That one leaf looks like glass, the large raindrop on the left looks like a diamond; it looks faceted yet not. If that doesn't make any sense, it's because the picture is beyond words.

Anya said...

Its a wonderful poem :))))))
I read it twice..... !!

(I received those puppy pictures with a email from a friend, its not my puppy I have only one cat ;)
Have a nice day
I'm happy that you are feeling better
((hugs)) Anya :)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Katina, I appreciate you friend!
Ginny, glad you enjoyed this piece! Funny, the header was a shot of new growth on a little berry plant up in the mountains- a little family drive Sunday. I was surpised and thought because the way the mid morning sun was shining so bright it wasn't going to come out! I had so much trouble that day doing most of the macro? Anyway, thank you!
Greetings Anya! thanks..ah, ok! What a cutie that pup is huh! I loved your post with your kitty on the cake too!!

doro said...

So beautiful poem! Greetings!!

Sandra said...

I am not sure my thoughts stayed, i closed out to fast, if this is a second one so be it. I said how marvelous your photos are, the header is incredible, the drops with reflections. i sat and stared at it for several minutes. you are truly talented in photography.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thank you Sandra for your wonderful thoughts- everything was OK..sometimes those comments have a bubble!!
Doro..hi there..glad for your visit..forgive me, Seems I have a tendency to go over the same ground or repeat myself when I'm after something (lol)! I will be by to visit shortly- hugs

Anya said...

Hi Regina
Thanks for your lovely comment
on my Queens day post :)))))
You ask me last week our time differents ??
Its now 7.30 in the evening in The Netherlands.
I go to sport now after I take a shower and than to bed ........... LOL
Have a nice day
Anya :)

maiaT said...

This is a beautiful poem Regina. You have so many talents.
Now you see, everybody noticed your beautiful header photo, not just me.It is an amazing composition and I love photos with water drops.
Have a nice evening!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh your welcome Anya..ok, so the time- I figured must be way different cause I always wonder when I comment- "nice day", ha. Thanks and enjoy your sport! very sweet and encouraging! You have that eye for macro!(lol) Have a wonderful day-

JM said...

Great sky shot!
Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Neither past, nor future, just an eternal present, probably only able to be created by the love of and for life.

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday !

Kilauea Poetry said...

JM thanks for your visit- I am better:) A big virtual hug, (lol)
Robert..ya, the eternal present- appreciate the feed back always- Please have a good day as well!

Sandra said...

the past is over and done, the future may not be, so present ground is what we have and we should do the best and most thigs we can for others. great poem. as I typed i looked to my right and smiled because i am looking at puppy eyes watching kitty

Eaton Bennett said...

Hi Regina, you header photo is an absolute stunner. Gorgeous pink!

And sometimes it is hard to feel the 'present ground'. Beautifully put. :))

Regina said...

Beautiful poem and sky my friend.
Happy weekend and regards.
Lovely header.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey there Eaton..thank you!! Ya, sometimes it seems I try to come around and nail a certain thought in a different angle? I apprectiate that-
Sandra..for your thoughts as well!!
Regina, glad your back on..missed you! I'll be by to visit all-

Anya said...

Hi Regina
I was surfing and I found this world time
I see now that our time different is 12 hours
When you are hit a country you will see the time :)))

(Sorry for my late visit but I had internet troubles:(

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh thank you Anya! Boy..I'm having trouble with my computer too! It's running very slow! My pollen? (snow)ha ha...anyway, I had one once but I think I need another clock! Please have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

That's a wonderful poem! That's what it's like, isn't it, going home (or where one once lived anyway). The present is really all we have in the end. And that's okay. :)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh I appreciate your input Lisa..and again, I missed you! Ya..your right..thanks-

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