Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falling From Today

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For Today's Flowers -thanks to..

Fallen Vervain & Eucalyptus petals (not the first one)
Blue vervain (also known as verbena) is an attractive perennial plant, with lavender-blue flowers, belonging to the mint family.
Some fun background- the link I had provided wasn't responding and I cleared my cookies, soo?
Blue vervain is regarded as the "herb of the cross" because it is said to have been used by Jesus to stop the bleeding from his wounds on Calvary. The ancient Romans used this "sacred" herb to sanitize temples and their homes. It is also said that the medieval witches used it as a love potion. If someone was to wash their hands in blue vervain, anyone they touched would fall in love with them..hmm?

(Check this out for another view of the Mimosa blossoms)


Carver said...

The flowers are all so beautiful and I love them washed with rain. Also interesting information. Happy Weekend.

Sandra said...

if this is the flower that Jesus used it would definitely be a Love Potion. thanks for sharing about the flowers. beauiful photos as always.

DoanLegacy said...

Very pretty little flower!

leavesnbloom said...

The photos are so beautiful and such interesting information about the plants. I tried to click the link you gave on your post but an error came up - so I don't think its an active link just now.

maiaT said...

Lovely photos again. Pretty blue flower and interesting info. I like the radial symmetry in the last composition.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

wonderful. wonderful. wonderful.

Thank you very much for sharing this poetry of photography. Please have a nice Sunday.

Sara Chapman said...

I really like your header photo a LOT. Thanks for posting such a lovely shot with my favorite kind of light.

Denise said...

This is such a very interesting post Regina, and thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers.

Mumsy said...

Interesting information to know, and the flowers are gorgeous! said...

very nice shots..congrats

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Your blog is wonderful.
His post is a lot of quality.
The music also.
Thanks for joining us.
I hope you will be always here in Today's Flowers

Have a good week


Judy said...

I love the way you have captured the fallen flowers! Interesting idea!!! I will have to borrow that one.

Ginny said...

Blue vervain. I love your history facts on this! Do we have any of this vervain in the southeast states? I'm sitting with a three year old now, and I've told her about the love potion hand wash and the witches spell, as she asked me what the pretty blue flower is. So you're educating pre schoolers, as well.

Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

Those are lovely!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ginny, I'm pretty sure. One you posted looks awful like the one we have growing next out back..more blue- ground cover.
Thanks Lisa!!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

yes I see the little acacia blooms - they are beautiful lying side by side with the lavender.
The first time I saw them I thought that they might be the same blooms as mine but since there are so many exotic looking flowers in your part of the world I was not sure whether I was right or not.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh thanks for checking back Rosie! I just thought that was so have a lovely blog! Have a great day! Thanks to all of you for visiting!

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