Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Light & Color Pt. 2- Colorful Chameleons

Ok, this is my visual offering (from parallels to light) for the second half of (Light & Color 1) 
and seeing it's apparent how I like to photograph these guys on occasion (cough), maybe the following will help explain why..maybe? (I noticed you can double click to enlarge-large it?

Known for their ability to change color, Chameleon's can be seen wearing a variety of colors,  including brown, green, blue, yellow, red, black or white. Communication is an important reason behind these color changes. With color, chameleons can communicate with others, expressing attitudes such as their willingness to mate. Contrary to popular belief, chameleons cannot display limitless colors and do not change colors in a camouflage response to their surroundings. Instead, their skin changes in response to temperature, light, and mood.

A chameleon’s colorful beauty is truly skin deep. Under the transparent outer skin are two cell layers that contain red and yellow pigments, or chromatophores. Below the chromatophores are cell layers that reflect blue and white light. Even deeper down is a layer of brown melanin (which gives human skin its various shades)..could you tell this photo below was just an excuse to add the Iris? So blow it up-

Levels of external light and heat, and internal chemical reactions cause these cells to expand or contract. A calm chameleon, for example, may exhibit green, because the somewhat contracted yellow cells allow blue-reflected light to pass through. An angry chameleon may exhibit yellow, because the yellow cells have fully expanded, thus blocking off all blue-reflected light from below.

Just for effect-
I've posted some of these below..but not everyone's seeeen these-
Other lizards, like the green anole, can also change color..although not so dramatic-
Thanks and Cheers-


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

This really very beautiful Kilauea!

Actually, I didn't take much pain in shooting the beauty on my post on Garden Lizard. As it was shedding skin, perhaps it became slow in movements, and allowed me to shoot with comfort. As soon as I read your comment, I came to your blog. This post is just beeeeeautiful, and with much information. I didn't know that these creepers don't change for camouflage, but according to temperatures!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey, thank you!
Ah, that would make a difference. I was wondering if you had a problem trying to catch them in certain lighting as I often do? Really glad you stopped by-

aszera said...

so beautiful!

JM said...

Fantastic colours and compositions! And I love that lizard! He's so very cool, he looks like a cartoon!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Gorgeous photos, as always! I must say I am partial to the chameleon photos. Such an interesting creature :) Beautiful!! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Magnificient! Dumb found places are here only! creative power is always greater than mere rationality. what can i say intead of enjoying ? - Sridhara pissay

Elegia said...

Wow, what a beauty! I must confess I've always thought that chameleon's color is depended of the color of surraunding. Well, i was wrong and again I learned something!

Your photos are gorgeus and so is your Blog!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thank you Azura- your bloggy is beautiful- I will enjoy the exchange-
JM, I'm so glad you like them!
Tammy, I apprectiate you!
Sridhara pissay - my best to you!
Elegia- you know I'm happy you stopped by!

Oz Girl said...

Gorgeous photos, esp of the chameleon on that beautiful pink flower.

My son had an anole for many years when he was a small child... his name was Spike. He finally passed on and we buried him in the backyard in a checkbox. Poor Spike. :-(

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