Monday, November 23, 2009

Light & Color, Pt. 1

This is the second half of (Parallels To Light)

I just read Light and Color -(from the Franklin Institute) and wanted to pass along a little of (what you may already know)...but may still find intriguing none-the-less.

distance between is called the wavelength. The sun emits white light (made of colors recognized by its own wavelengths), while our eyes interpret the colors. Yet, the human eye can only respond to certain colors and wavelengths.
It goes on to say how we have light and color sensitive receptors - (rods receptive to light and cones sensitive to color)- bringing the same sensation as smell. This is perceived in our brain by a 3 color code (red, blue & green). I've also learned not everyone sees the same colors or exact shade either, as many are simply deficient- lacking red or green photo pigments.

So as light travels in the form of waves, they also exist above and below the visible spectrum, too. Such waves called radio, microwave, and infrared are below the red end of the spectrum, and ultraviolet (UV), x-rays, and gamma rays are above the violet.
These cannot be seen by the human eye, and therefore constitute the "invisible" spectrum. Together, the visible and invisible spectrums make up the electromagnetic spectrum. (I'm getting back to this in the next post)

All of us have the potential to see light and colors "in a different light," so to say—even if we aren't color blind.. Of rainbows -"When you look at one, you are seeing the light bounced off of certain raindrops, but when the person standing next to you looks at the same rainbow, they may see the light reflecting off other raindrops from a completely different angle. In addition, everyone sees colors differently according to light and how their eyes interpret it." I hope that means when I take a snapshot, you'll be able to see what I see..providing you don't have too big a deficiently?

Furthermore, colors are known to effect us as far as vision, appetite and mood, so my suggestion is to just paint your kitchen blue that way it will suppress your appetite ha.. because as they say -there is no blue food except for the blueberry meaning no automatic appetite response?
Some might need to do their bedroom that color to avoid midnight snacks..hmm? Also, green is the most soothing while yellow can be over stimulating. Remember, some prisons are painted pink? I just read this and the colors I chose for this text are making me dizzy! What about you? Heh heh
(Light and Color 2 here)


The Write Girl said...

What an amazing post on color...I love the photos as well. I didn't know everyone perceives light differently but all your photos of Hawaii are always stunning.

Regina said...

How beautiful!

Regards dear friend.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow..I miss you! Hope your having a fabulous time! I'm sure your snapping pictures!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Oh! Who knew so much about colors! And the great pictures to go with the information was the best thing :)

Garden Lizard

Pacey said...

Beautiful photos here Regina, and thank you for the info.

Byz. said...

Beautiful photos, as always, Gina. Love the flying insect, gorgeous.


ruma2008 said...

The drop water of the petal enhances elegance.

I am glad that you watched my calligraphy.
You are few artists who can understand the beauty of the kanji.

Thank you for showing splendid views.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Katina & Pacy- thanks!
Hey Eaton, what have you been up to? glad you stopped by.. about time!!
Bhavesh Chhatbar- you have a one cool blog!
Ruma- why thank you! I'm enjoying this exchange tremendously-

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