Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goddess And The SecreKerry

Train takes off
Nice an slow
When you hear a whistle blow
She'll come running
Down the row
Slapping smiles
Jumping aisles
Though she's merely a goddess
No head of state
Cause she came naked off the streets

But I'm with the Goddess
Of the train
No not the secretary
As in the State
(But Lindsey Graham has no shame)

Like some fairy
Or common housefly
Who flits about
From plane to plane
Ya that's Kerry
Our media's clown
Giving world leaders a nasty frown
Pestering Imams
Who swat at peace
Looking for a
Home run
It's all a game
Pestering those Imams
Who swat at peace
Giving world leaders
A nasty frown

Train starts off
Nice an slow
But when you hear that whistle blow
Perhaps it's not just the goddess
They ought to Kerry off?
especially here
         and here
       and here
     an here
I tell you, yesterday morning after I got up (at least I had my cup of coffee half way down) then took a look at Kardashian and K.West
Uh hu honey (heh heh)
who were in the news for that insipid video (don't worry, you won't shouldn't get hot and bothered.)Well, this is what I thought of regarding these here links. What's the difference..these politicians who represent us are doing the same! They've been stripping down, baring their asses to the entire world as to who's side their on?
Now it's up to us!
Now that I'm linking, this has been one of my favorite place to go~
Globe Tribune.Info בס”ד

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