Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Grape, Vogue And A Pipeline

And I'm just about to lose my mind..honey honey

First, The Irony
from Countervailingtruths 
The Grape-
At approximately 2:30 pm, September 6, 2012, I entered the Publix store on Main St. in Gainesville, FL to pick up a few items. I gathered my items and went to the 14 and under register to check-out. The person in front of me (a white female, approximate age 35-43, fake nails, big braided hairdo, clean clothes, carrying a purse and a plastic drinking cup) put her purchase on the check out surface ONE GRAPE.

Yes, that is correct ONE GRAPE. The cashier asked if that was all, she replied yes. The cashier then weighted the GRAPE and told the women the cost was $.02 (TWO CENTS), the women then pulled out her Food Stamp EBT card and.. (continue reading here)

While Huma does Vogue~

From the Sheik- America first learned of Huma Abedin in 2007, in a worshipful Vogue article titled “Hillary’s Secret Weapon: Huma Abedin Oversees Every Minute of Senator Clinton’s Day.” Featuring glossy photos of designer-clad Huma, the article rhapsodized about her “wrinkle-free” Prada suit, “flawless” skin, and “long, luxurious hair” with “bouncy waves you see mostly in shampoo commercials.”
The Pipeline -


Surprised..little children are being tortured and murdered?
It's a pattern, just like my previous post-
(the failure of imagination)- but there is lots more!

"According to August, 2012 reports leaked to the media, sometime earlier in 2012, President Obama signed an intelligence finding to permit the CIA and other US government agencies to provide support to the Syrian rebels, whose ranks are reported to be dominated by Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadist fighters who already are supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other jihadist regimes. Was Belhadj a conduit for U.S. support, perhaps via Turkey?" 

The US had troops in Sigonella, Italy – about an hour away. (GWP)
The attack went on for over five hours. The Obama Administration stood by, they watched, Obama lied, and our people died. Obama fiddled while Benghazi burned.


Joyful said...

I'm surprised you can get "cash back" from food stamps. The cost of the "food" item should simply be deducted and a balance remain on the card, no cash exchanging hands. You can see by this comment that I think food stamps are needed but over where I live we don't have them...just welfare. I believe you have welfare too.

Joyful said...

p.s. Food stamps have been around for a long while so I'm not sure why people are only now seeing a problem. My guess is when the average person feels a huge economic pinch, they start noticing a lot more about their tax dollars.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Penny..ya, guess it might be more to do with the "every day all day-fraud" I mean foodstamps is one thing but it's also climbed. Forget what the stats are? Here- "The Congressional Budget Office said Thursday that 45 million people in 2011 received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, a 70% increase from 2007..Spending for the program, not including administrative costs, rose to $72 billion in 2011, up from $30 billion four years earlier. The CBO projected that one in seven U.S. residents received food stamps last year" (from the same source)
Hope everything is ok for you..the weekend is coming up fast-

Joyful said...

Hi Regina, the numbers are staggering but don't surprise me given the deep recession your country has been in. I know here there are a lot of invisible unemployed as they just no longer look for work. I'm not sure how they live because welfare is nearly impossible to get these days and in any case doesn't even cover very much at all. Our employment insurance benefits run for such a short time and aren't much better in terms of rates. Unless you have family to help you, you are in deep trouble if you don't have a decent job. Things have been going this way in this country since long before the recession.

I'm basically fine and al is okay here for me. I'm trying to work hard now on my diabetes issues. How are you?

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks..I appreciate that!

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!