Monday, September 24, 2012

Night Is Coming On..

"We must do the works of Him who sent me while there is daylight.
Night is coming on, when no one can work"
  Jn 9:4

Monday Musings~

Wonder if they'll figure it out in time..hmm?

 Whuut's rape got to do with it, got to do with it?
(Pt. 2)

"When are so-called liberals going to shed the rose-tinted goggles of multiculturalism and get in touch with a righteous anger about a pathologically anti-gay, ragingly misogynist, mob culture that sexually violates and murders innocents?

When are American progressives, who whine about a mythical Republican War on Women, going to denounce this perverse sexual pathology in Arab culture? When are leftist academics, up in arms about the Bush administration’s enhanced interrogations of hardened terrorists, going to vent their fury against a culture that routinely commits sexual torture and mutilation?

The American left, forever screaming about gay marriage, demanding free birth control, and spewing hate at conservative Christians whom they disparage as the “American Taliban,” is shamefully silent about real evil in the world, about the most intolerant ideology on the planet and one that stands in stark contrast to the tolerance they claim to revere..
The brutal sodomizing of Stevens’ corpse.. Muslims do to show the “utmost disrespect to the body” and that this is “a great insult in Islam” reserved for homosexuals. ”It is like making him a woman in death and he will be a woman now after life,” the Serbian explained to me.
Women should find it pretty offensive that this process of degrading a corpse through rape is considered “making him a woman in death” and “a woman after life.” Why aren’t feminists taking to the streets to condemn this misogynist barbarism?"

Get up-
Out of those fields of purple poppies
Take off your Amber glasses
Wake up
Wake up
Winter's coming on-

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