Friday, August 3, 2012

I Smell A Rat..or Two

"In an extraordinary case of jealousy, a Nigerian man - husband of six - was allegedly raped to death by his five spouses as he was paying too much attention to his sixth wife in east-central Benue state.
Uroko Onoja, a wealthy businessman who resisted their attack, was overpowered by the women who ordered that the sex march begin"
Hmm..charming, but those two hardly fit the description?
Thing is, political correctness is just weakness-
The rat and the rainbow-
 I've mentioned before, the issue with gay marriage is really over free speech. So, is it any surprise the democratic national platform has now come to this? 

 How hard is it anyway to line things up? The media enemedia won't take responsibility! See..I can do it! That's right, again.. this goes together-
So does this-
Remember, Erdogan's the one (there are others) who made it crystal clear there is NO such thing as a moderate muslim!!

  I certainly don't think Obama has some kind supernatural power..I mean the middle East is falling like domino' the MB, (we ought to know what that spells by now) However, God is in control, but hey..he's in a position and certainly a fixture on the world's stage! no matter how you dice it. Oh, Clinton Willary Clitman , Obama aren't in the dark about a thing!
The LGBT community are gleeful but all the while,  islamic supremacist's are gaining a foothold.. the net is being spread!
I'll be honest, I'm not involved in any organized religion but this pastor nails it over Chick-Fil-A
"Does free expression only apply to those who agree with them?"
What's the matter with these two? Even the ACLU doesn't agree!!
Did the kiss in start? Bet this gets plenty of coverage

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Annmarie Pipa said...

those who cry hate! intolerance! bigots! are usually the ones demonstrating it...

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!