Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starting The Generates~

Was what he used to say...
 **Hazelnut cake, coffee with a candle**

I decided to link today's post with Self Sagacity's

We made out alright with the last power outage..was kinda cozy actually.
The power goes out now and then..but from time to time it can be half a day or more depending on the circumstances?
Do you have back up- like as in a generator? We used to be on generator years ago.. I thought you said you were too while growing up Sandra? If any of you do not have a generator, do you hunt around for candles if it happens at night? (smile) How would you make the most of it? You only have to answer 2 Q-


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Love those photos.

1. We do not have a generator but have candles close at hand. When we had the 89 Loma Prieta earthquake we were without power for hours and hours. But the candles sufficed.

2. How would I make the most of it? Hmmm depends who I was with :D

♥~Judy~♥ said...

We don't own a generator but (knock on wood) in the whole 17 years I have lived here we have only once been without power for more than a few minutes and those times we were sleeping.

Ginny said...

Phil has been wanting a generator for years, but doesn't know how much power to get. We would only use it for the fridge so all the food didn't go bad. And he also worries about where to keep it and the gas can. I guess I would make the most of it by trying to keep my mouth shut and not gripe!!

Luna Miranda said...

i love the glow of the candle...warm and romantic. when there's a power outage at night, i usually look for a flashlight first, candles later. we used to tell stories during blackouts when i was a kid, usually scary stories.

SquirrelQueen said...

We do have a generator and have used it a few times to keep the refrigerator cold and give us a few lights. We also have candles and a fireplace (it's usually winter when we lose power).

Candles and the fireplace are very romantic but unfortunately my hubby works for the power company so if we lose power he has to work. Sigh!

rainfield61 said...

We used to not to have candles when electricity was out, and candles never helped in the midnight, when air con could not function, mosquitoes were flying, and we were sweating whole night long.

Icy BC said...

1) I don't have a generator but I do have candles around the house, and flash lights.

2) I tried to think about life way back in the days when there was no electricity, and tried to make it fun for the kids by sitting out on the porch, or telling stories.

Sandra said...

no generator in my past, we lived in the mountains with out door potties, but we did have power in the house, some of our neighbors did not. living here in FL every home should have one, but we do not.
we did during Gabriella lose power for 2 days and our neighbor had a generator. he ran an orange cord over the fence and into our kitchen window. we had ONE PLUG. we plugged the fridge in to keep our food cold, each morning we unplugged it to make a pot of coffee, the back to the fridge. i do not like power outages and it is rare here, but i keep candles and flashlights and have a flashlight in every room, just in case and 3 in the garage, big ones that we can use. like those candle shots and the header is wonderful

Self Sagacity said...

Hi Regina, I like the changes your blog. It's very calming.
I don't have a generator, but have been hunting for one. I think with kids, we have to take things more seriously. Have to make sure we can be as capable as we can.
Since we have a gas stove, we won't be hungry. But other than that, I am not very good with inconveniences.

LV said...

I have been with out power many times. I do not have a generator, you just make do and suffer through. I hope and pray that does not happen now as the heat is 112 degrees today. Would have to find a cool place to go.

Anzu said...

You changed wallpaper into natural design, it relax us. The lantern's light and coffee cup and sweets in darkness make us relax, too. It feels be with you nearby.

Regina said...

Poetic S, it is nice to have candles..must of been a good earthquake.. (lol) I suppose it would depend, thanks-
Judy..I'm amazed really! It goes out so often here-
Ginny, we've always had it outside and now under the house (husband even made a generator house before just because they can be so noisy.
Luna M..that sounds kind of fun..and ya, I forgot to mention flashlights too. Thank you-
S Queen, we had a fireplace growing up as well..I can understand about your husband, our neighbor does to and has to work as well.
Rainfields, makes sense and sounds a little similar to this environment but we don't have AC (sniff)!
I BC, ya, when I think back it was always a bit fun actually doing without outdoor potties and generators don't necessarily go together (lol) an hillarious story!
S Sagacity, thanks- I agree. Seems like my husband will come in just to remind me not to flush the toilet and don't open the fridge unless we have to (sigh)- a generator is good to have on hand, but then power going out here is pretty common.
Thank you L that is soo hot!! I hope not either- nice you stopped by-
Ann- thank you! (I had to change all my fonts and make them darker..thanks for your visit!!

Joyful said...

We don't have a generator so I light candles and we also have a lot of flashlight around.

The candles make everything look so romantic and cosy.

WebbieLady said...

That'a some question to think about... lucky we have not encountered any power supply problem where we live now...It's already for more than a year... we don't have generators for backup though....:=(

WebbieLady said...

Speaking of candles, I had a big smile about the question... I have cable stands around with ready candles on them... since I normally use candles for their scent and lovely firey effect (wink), it would not be a problem for me to find one.

WebbieLady said...

Daer Kilauea Poetry Owner/Blooger,

Let me have this opprtunity to thank you for the many ideas you left to my blog. To have your updates visible in my website too, and since you update very often, I added your blog to my list of blogs to watch. In this way, I can see the updates right away when I visit my blog and have a look at it and leave some opinions/ideas.

This is my way to thank you.


Amin said...

Hello! What a beautiful new header!

Amin said...

We have not so like problem last years...and we have not generator...

Amin said...

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Regina said...

Hi there Penny, I think so too. I kind of enjoy the chance to burn a few candles as well as the suspense-
Webbielady, hi there..thank you for your sweet comments..I'll be looking forward to the correspondence as well. I appreciate your thoughts today too! I'm almost out of the scented candles..but bought a couple to keep mosquitoes away! My best-
Hello Amin..thank you!! and I was just ready to change it all again (ha ha). So no generator? You probably manage without well enough perhaps. I will stop by soon- wishing you a nice Sunday as well~

WebbieLady said...

Hi Regina,

Yes, scentedones are the best.. i like fruity scents... or red fruits mix. ut I think so many like the herbal scent... how about you?

Thanks for the latest thought on my last post. Till then..


eileeninmd said...

Hi Regina, I hope your electric is back on now. Ours has been going off and on a lot lately. We have a generator but have not used it yet. We bought one after our electric was out for days. We use the candles if it is only out for a couple of hours.

Regina said...

Webbielady yes..I just came back from Target and passed the candle aisle (smile) Ross generally has some good deals as we don't have a lot of variety here. I do enjoy the scented ones:)
Eileen, ya it is good to have in case..thanks and enjoy your Sunday-

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