Saturday, April 9, 2011

Possible Positions..

Sunday series

Can you believe this?
Notice the heavy leg resting on her stomach didn't seem to faze puddy..
"The smallest feline is a masterpiece"
  Leonardo da Vinci~

Don't you love this one?
My old gray sticks his tongue out all the time..

But I bet your really thinking I could use a little more sun!?
(ah ha ha)

"Derangement is the only possible explanation for owning a cat, an animal whose preferred mode of communication is to sink its claws three-quarters of an inch into your flesh"
Dave Barry~

“The cat would eat fish, and would not wet her feet.”

John Haywood~

Ever since she was little she's crossed her front paws like this..
(Elly May)

What's so darn funny?
"The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him her and not only will he she not scold you,
but will make a fool of him herself, too." 
 Samuel Butler


Joyful said...

Your pets are so cute. I love how one cat sticks out it's tongue and in one photo the cats paw is under your dog's nose. So sweet.

rainfield61 said...

Your dog and cat are husband and wife.

If not in present life, then must be from the previous one.

teca said...

Ah... delightful!
You're special indeed!

A nice week!
Hugs and love.

Rose said...

Wow, these are fabulous! :D I laughed so hard, cause I have a cat and a dog too, but they can't stand each other! This is just amazing!!

Anzu said...

All of them are sleeping together comfortably. Lovely and pretty !! (*´∇`*)
A cheerful fish hopes to get along with them.

DoanLegacy said...

What a wonderful series of your pets! They are adorable and get along so fine!

Ginny said...

What great pictures!!! I love the sleeping ones!! Well, cats are tougher than we think!! The dog tail outside, it looks like some kind of exotic plant!!! At first I thought it was!! Some kind of fur bloom!!! By the way, you have very attractive legs, no kidding!! Nothing anyone would stick their tongue out at!! Mine are so covered with varicose veins that it's getting harder to find any flesh color!! I only wear pants unless I am forced otherwise!!

Amin said...

Wonderful photos! Well done!

Amin said...

Thank You very much for Your beautiful comments!

The Write Girl said...

I love the shades on your dog. These are such delightful photos. Love the quotes as well Regina.

i stora drag said...

Hi Regina!
Thanks for your last comment in my blog!
Lovely photos of your animals! I don't have any animal at all, just my neighbours cat's using my flowerbeds as their toilet! :(
Love your new header with the irises!

We also want to have more sun and Spring, but we had a warm and sunny weekend at least!
The big birds I've taken the photo of, are called crane and they are really big! :) (110cm high, wings 2 m)
Have a nice day, Regina!

(If you wonder, I now have put my bloglist at the bottom, because I found out that there was people just using my blog to visit my friends, instead of writing anything to me!)

Sandra said...

i just had the best comment i ever wrote about this post that is my most favorite you have ever done and since i am on the laptop it did one of its crazy things and POP my comment was gone.
now i can't remember all the things i said.
love love love this post and it is my favorite. joy joy joy is what i felt felt felt as i LOLed and LOLed at each and every photo. the tongue, the paws, the noses together, the crossed paws are all beyond pricless. what a fun household you have. PS i use the tanning cream on my legs, that comment gave me another LOL. did i say yet i love this post

doro said...

Oj, my .... ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!

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