Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Through A Barrel

Youngest son in a barrel..sadly I don't have a good enough zoom (his brother took this of him at Hakalou (a surf spot here on the Big Island)
(This is 2 Question Thursday, hosted by Self segacity) 
though feel free to comment-

Well, I'm told in 1 Co 13: 12, "For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known."
Spring is already here..time is ever moving and days swiftly turn into Seasons. I look back in retrospect and see how I've handled situations or the way I've treated people-  (many of them family).
Hmm..well you know I'm still dealing with most of the same people! 
Q. 1
Are you any better at weighing your words carefully now, (with a view to the future (so as not to jeopardise relations (lol)..(but keep a positive opening)
that's kind of how I see it?
Q 2
Have you had to work at mending relations do to past behavior and if so, were you successful? I suppose because we are all different, it could be the opposite (you may not of said or done enough)
Either way, just shoot your shot~


rainfield61 said...

Time is moving very fast for me to cope with you.

That's great to look through a barrel, or what I should call a telescope.

We find so many differences and we keep busy mending them.

Ginny said...

Well, I meant to tell you the other day about that picture on your last post... sleep and half brother...very affecting. Oh yes, I do much better now at watching my words, or rather not saying my words...learing from painful past experiences...but it finally turned out well, a good learning experience and insight into someone that shocked me.

Joyful said...

Well I don't know if I'm any better at watching my words since I've always made it a point to watch my words. I think the older I get, the more I am willing to share just what is on my mind with people, especially about how what they do makes me feel. I'm not sure if this is right or wrong but my feeling is I'm open to the same and people can't read minds right? I have also had to try and mend fences here and there along life's journey but not too many. As far as I can remember, they were open to it and if they are not, then that is really their problem once I've tried to do my part so I try not to sweat about it.

I love your photo of your son in the wave. How cool. I can't swim so am in awe of anyone who can do what he is doing. You asked me about my Easter plans and I was going to travel but now will likely be home and travel immediately after for a real quick trip to visit my mom and niece.

SquirrelQueen said...

That's a great photo.

I have learned to watch my words a little closer and not say things out of anger. I try to calm down and approach the situation in a more adult manner.

Once and it worked out well.

The Write Girl said...

These are quite intriguing questions. Learning to live more positively and treating others well is so important in our lives. I'm sure you are doing well dear! P.S. that header is quite crazy. Is that the head of a fish? :)

Luna Miranda said...

this is an amazing shot!

oh yes, i have learned to bite my tongue on certain occasions. a nasty word wouldn't make things better. and once you've said it, you can't take it back.

i did make an effort once or twice and it turned out great.

Self Sagacity said...

Nice photo to blow up for the family room ;-) fantastic timing.
1) Yes, I am much more careful, much more reserved and calm than when I was younger.
2) No, if it is messed up, I usually don't turn back. I have been lucky to not have too many that I would even want to consider mending.
I believe there are reasons to discontinue if one party doesn't seemed interested, and yet, there are some cases where this doesn't apply.

Amazing Gracie said...

Oh my. I have always had a tendency to speak my mind - tempering my words if I'm afraid someone might be hurt. So, I always worry if I've hurt someone's feelings. (?) As I've gotten older I think I speak more freely than I used to. Time's too short to worry!
~~Yes, I'm good a fence-mending. A friend said something very true to me once that hit me between the eyes and enabled me to re-establish a relationship that I hadn't ended.
~~I have one problem in my life now that may/may not be resolved. It cut to the quick and resulted in a whole lot of tears and angst. I've tried and tried, but have had to back away and trust that God will take it in the right direction!
~~I used to follow the surfer flicks at the local junior colleges when I was in high school (early to mid sixties - ouch.) We used to hang out at Huntington Beach with our long boards looking cool, or at least we thought we did! Sitting on the beach at Newport Beach Wedge gave us all the idea that we were surfers. Ha! When we were in Oah'u I couldn't wait to see the "Bonzai Pipeline," but it was off season and the surf was flat. You son has terrific form! Wish I was young again and had better knees...
~~I'm glad you enjoyed my battles with the wiglet!

Amin said...

Very beautiful action photo!

Margaret Duarte said...

1. I come from a large family, seven brothers and two sisters, so I learned early on to weigh my words--and also not to get upset too easily.
2. If we have a misunderstanding is our family, we usually talk it out and move on. Fortunately, love forgives many things.

DoanLegacy said...

Fantastic capture!

1) I was taught to think about what I want to say before I say it, so yes, I'm being careful..

2) I don't have to mend any relationship at the moment, but I realize there are others that need improving.

Sandra said...

i have no idea why my younger son and i are not speaking. just IS. i have said things before and sometimes am better sometimes not even though i try hard. then sometimes i don't try hard. the fish is a little scary with that grin, like he might be hiding in the barrel to bite the son who is in that scary water. i am afraid of water and what is in it

JamericanSpice said...

I usually step back from a broken relationship and let it go through it's cycle and then try to reach out again if it's on my heart.

If I'm still angry, there is no use. An angry heart cannot see reason.

2. Relations are delicate and all the time you have to try to figure out how to approach and every approach is different. I try to feel it out.


Lui said...

Hi Regina! I am returning from your visit. Yes, my dog hears EVERYTHING like they normally do ;-)

I was encouraged to express my opinions and time healed misunderstandings.

I work in the arts and I am often consulted about programs and artistic directions which must be confronted honestly and in reasonably which is difficult for a lot of people. But it must be done. Somehow, people appreciate this in the long run because they kept coming back and probably dealt with it. I would too. I do appreciate honest if not hurtful assessments. I realize it won't hurt to listen to other opinions even if you do not agree with it.

That photograph was awesome and priceless!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Rainfields (lol)..well, I'm certainly glad your coping..we're on this journey together!
Thank you Ginny..I thought that W.H. painting rather fitting (ha ha)..what I didn't mention was how God worked powerfully to rectify impossible situations. I'm glad it worked well for you too-
Penny, I think it makes a difference as far as your family background goes too..and if you have children AND if you happen to marry someone else with kids then take them on. But really, when you marry someone..your kind of marrying their whole family (in a sense)..I agree, you do what you can do and leave it in God's hands..some times it's impossible? Ok..good your going to visit family..thanks-
Katina..yes, I agree (and that's a fresh catch)
L.M..they are like feathers..I'm glad as there is hope-
S.Segacity..ya..what can you do? this was interesting hearing everyone's thoughts- thank you
A Gracie..glad you stopped in and felt comfortable expressing yourself! I is hard and your right..we just have to let go and trust him. Sometimes I find that hard. I have great memories from H. Beach and those along the coast..
Thank you Amin
M Duarte..that is a large family! The farm sounds intriguing..(there were just seven in my family)
D Legacy..thank you for your response, and glad you enjoyed it..
Sandra..I know, I feel bad..sometimes it takes time. If it's not one thing it can be another! dad taught me to swim in a neighbor's pool (dog paddling was the start)..then he decided to have a pool built.
J S..yes, they are delicate indeed-
Lui, "I was encouraged to express my opinions and time healed misunderstandings"..thanks for sharing that and for your sweet comment-

eileeninmd said...

I wish I could weigh my words before speaking them. I have been known to blurt out whatever i am thinking at the time, which can ge tme in trouble, especially at work. I love your shot of the barrel, very cool action shot of your son.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey thanks Eileen ..ya I hear you..(smile) glad you stopped by- wishing you a great weekend too!

Amin said...

Very very interesting new header!

Amin said...

Have a wonderful Sunday with Yours!

-☼-Icy BC said...

I have to be careful of what I'm saying especially when anger strikes. As for relationship, it constantly needs improving, so I'm working on it.

reanaclaire said...

hello..coming by via Ginny's blog.. to wish you a good weekend..

Joyful said...

KP, I do agree with you that it makes a difference if you have children or stepchildren as to how you engage with them. In fact, I think how you engage with immediate family members is different in general than how you engage with the broader circle My comments relate to non family members. Mom wasn't doing well at all. The doctor said we should come and see her and he didn't hold out hope for her. I sent up prayers and others did too. She was doing much better by the time I arrived and able to talk with us. We couldn't stay long where she is. We'll be here for a few days and pray she gets stronger and stronger. All this to say I won't be blogging much or visiting blogs too much until I'm home again. Hugs.

teca said...

What wonderful!
Sorry not to come here often. Your blog needs time because it has many nice things to read and understand... you are special in your posts.
Have a nice weekend with yours​​.
A warm hug.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Amin..thank you my friend!!
Icy BC..thanks..I think you hit it with the anger (I'm bad when I'm tired too) smile..
Greetings and a warm thank you Rainclaire!
Penny, I am both exhausted and behind..I'm sorry about your mom..I will be by tomorrow in case you'll be checking e-mail (hugs)
Teca..I always enjoy your visits! Thanks and hugs..wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Joyful said...

Hi Regina, please rest if you can. Sounds good that you will get your garden in. I planted some bedding seeds before I left for moms. I hope they will get enough rain while I'm gone. Lord knows we've had enough rain up to the present time. I've also got some seeds in some starter containers so hopefully those will stay moist enough while I am away. I don't know how long I'll be here. I was able to get together with my niece twice and hopefully I will see her at least once more while I'm here. Take care.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Kind of do you have to watch the temps right now or are you over the serious chill? I suppose it depends on what your growing huh? From place to place it varies? Anyway, hope you enjoy yourself too (though I understand the other side as far as dealing with your mom)..thanks

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