Friday, February 4, 2011

Week In Review


After the snow trip a couple weeks ago, we came back and grilled a little steak, and some oysters (younger son brought). I didn't think I liked them but only had one. It was so good with a little lemon and tamari that I decided to pick up a package later and try that again! Curious, I checked to see and noticed only five left..meaning I had 7!!  My husband just had steak.
 Too much of a good thing maybe?

Oh well, this is a new morning
along the trail

Valentine Reflections
Firecracker tree
Soft spiderweb on the leaf with bloom below

These are only close ups but the blossoms (I'll post later) are really just like the name-  an explosive burst of soft pink and mauve with purple leaves!

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."


rainfield61 said...

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, so please do not constantly pester if you happen to notice this.

Anyhow, truth is truth in the end; everyone knows that.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Lol)..some of them wipe their faces an hurry off too (heh heh)

Ginny said...

How are you doing that effect with the pictures in the middle? That's amazing! How ARE you?? Did you get food poisoning??

Joyful said...

Such intersting photos you have there my friend. Really cool. I'm back home now. Mom is safely moved and slowly getting adjusted. It is a huge adjustment for all of us. Please pray they will use wisdom and compassion in getting mom fully settled. God bless xx

Sandra said...

you know my favorites today are the kitty and the mirror view. laughed out loud at the mirror shot. love it. we had a beautiful firecracker bush, red and goregous. HAD is the word, baby girl killed it with her digging/laying habit

Leenie said...

You have a magic camera with supernatural eyes! Such beauty you find and save in a box. Love the quote about friends at the top and the quote about stumbling over the truth is ... true.

Tracy said...

Those are some beautiful photos...I loe the valentine refelctions; very cool!

Amin said...

How are You ?!
Very beautiful post!
I will return back!

Fiducia said...

This is simply an awe-inspiring blog you've got there...amazing!! The layouts, the pics, the sounds, the thought of embracing nature in every word and visual is beautiful! Hi, I'm Fiducia!! Nice to have met you here!! Following you, keep blogging...:)

Amin said...

Yesterday I was late to the plant where I work.

Amin said...

Beautiful photos!
Beautiful flower!

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful use of photos and storytelling Regina. I love how the colors of nature burst in every photo. The oysters look quite delicious and love the kitty's special appearance :)

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