Friday, February 18, 2011

~A Fishy Intermission~

When Fish Became My Dish-

Ahi is one of my favorites..baked here or lightly grilled..Either way, I don't prefer mine well done but you may be different. Raw fish is really popular here on the Islands (salmon can be eaten raw as well), but I realize most folks might not think of it the same way as say, Ahi?

Anyway If you like Cilantro, this variety (Eryngium foetidum ..scroll down too) grows year round. Healthy, hardy & heady (lol) and no difference as far as flavor. I trim the edges with scissors first then blend it up after I chop it.

Works well with Salmon below-
How often do you eat fish..Anyone eat it raw? Don't you think it's nice of me to post a recipe I've tried? Do you cook a little or a lot? Would you order it? My mother rarely cooked fish..and it seemed the only one she enjoyed was Salmon out of a can. Somtimes she over-cooked a bit- like eggs. Might be something to do with having 7 kids? But my rule of thumb is to cook my fish the way I would my omelet-

 1/4 cup Tamari
1 Tbsp Sesame oil
2 Tbsp Fresh lime juice
All It's Zest~
1 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar
2-3 Tb raw sugar

Fresh ginger grated
Green onion
Hot Pepper..your favorite - (I use Serrano)

Dice all the above, then pour it over to marinade for the night.. or at least a few hours before (if not using an open grill- bake it at 350 for maybe 6 or 7 minutes on each side..sometimes transferring to a pan to grill for the remainder.
Raw: I used to enjoy wasabi but now I prefer to chop onion, chili pepper, fresh squeezed lime -the zest is soo good!! tamari and a little drop of sesame oil~


Sandra said...

well the fish in the header looks like was smiling before he died. i do not eat anything raw, everything has to be well done or like my husband says i like, charred. i like fryed fish. my parents tryed to make me eat fried pan fish LOTS OF little bones. i only like white filets of sweet non fishy tasting fish. this looks good if it has turned white and no bones.
i love the talapia at Duff's, it is fried. mother used to bake big red snappers and that was good. i do not cook fish, they stink up the house, but i like it in some resturants. your photos came out great i can almost smell it.

Leenie said...

The big parrot fish in your header is hilarious. I get a kick out of all those coral fish with their beaky mouths and the jet of sand they leave (literally) behind. Not to mention their brilliant colors.

I love good fresh fish as long as those fish haven't spent their life in moss and mud. Canned salmon is NOT my favorite. I worry a little about raw fish--just because of "things" that might also be enjoying that fish. Your recipe sounds yummy and another idea for fixing all the trout that ends up at our house.

Joyful said...

Umm, the recipes sounds yummy. Ya, it's great you posted a recipe, lol. I haven't ever tried Ahi but I've eaten a fair bit of raw fish here as we have a lot of Japanese restaurants. Mostly I've eaten salmon, tuna or red snapper sashimi. I do cook a moderate amount but only now and then :-) When cooked, I like my fish a medium done, not rare at all.

Tracy said...

Ummm, I love fresh fish although it's not something I'll catch, fillet and then cook. But it is so yummy. I will pass the recipe along to my husband who loves to cook :)

teca said...

Hey, you left me salivating, Regina!
What a wonderful dish!
Thanks for the recipe!
I will disclose.
A kiss and a beautiful weekend.

Ginny said...

So you like raw fish?? It grosses me out, as does any raw meat! Ewwww! Our kids eat sushi. The ugly fish in your header, I remember him!!! He is one of the first things you posted when I first met you. Kind of the bogeyman of the sea. The bogeyfish, run for your lives!! The recipe does look good! Hey, what happened to your pretty music???

Kilauea Poetry said... funny, well charred may be like blackend fish..invented by someone like you perhaps? Fried fish and those you mention are enjoyable-
Ya he appears to be smiling.. thanks Lennie, it's probably pretty versatile.
Penny, that's interesting. I was a teenager when my Japanese friend introduced it to me during New Years..ya, I'm like that but try not to over cook as then it's ruined.
Hey Tracy, thank you for your shouldn't be disappointed.
Hi Teca- same thing..I'm sure you'd enjoy it (kisses)- I'll get used to that yet! Everyone going to start getting one (ha ha). I enjoy your visits!!
Now Ginny..I kept laughing through this whole thing! The bogeyman of the sea (lol) must be what you get accustomed to? If you were here, I would carefully grill it to your taste~ then each time after I'd make it more rare, heh heh

Joop Zand said...

Good serie pictures Regina

I will try your recept..... looks delicous.

greetings from Holland, Joop

thanx for your comment.

Kay said...

Hi Regina, This looks delicious. Thank you for your visit and yes, we do live on Oahu now after raising our kids in Illinois for 35 years. We love being here again, but miss our kids. My husband grew up in Honokaa.

Kilauea Poetry said...

A big Aloha to you - near and far to Joop & Kay- I invite you to come back~

Regina said...

Looks yummy. I should try this. I love fish.
I eat tuna sashimi, and sushi which abundant around her of course with kikoman and wasabe. We have salmon sashimi as well but I love tuna.

Cheers my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Amin said...

Yummy ...

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