Saturday, February 26, 2011

E -Smoke Break

"The crow maybe caged, but his thoughts are in the cornfield"
Belizean~ (on temptation)

I took a quick run to town for errands the other day but found my plans would soon become altered. After reaching the top of the road, I was ready to turn into the highway when a woman in her mid forties appeared almost out of nowhere..momentarily we locked eyes. I had no recall at that point of the line in the song by CCR "she was smilin there, yellow in her hair"? Her thumb to the side, I flung the door open and she jumped in. Tucking herself inside, it never took long before her story emerged. Her boyfriend just kicked her out- having no particular place to go-
Heartbreaking, I listened as tears began to flow -softening her hard exterior. I offered to buy her a coffee, but she motioned with a sheepish smile toward a bottle of booze lying concealed beside her hat and the seat. She replied, that it was what she was drinking..just couldn't seem to find the cap? Slightly uncomfortable, I shifted in my seat.. finally asking- you got a lid for that? Just then it spilled over right into her hat! Strange, somehow we were both relieved?
Anyhow, I decided I was the one who needed an espresso! So upon returning to the parking lot, I could see her foot sticking out of the car door while she powdered her nose in the mirror. Glancing over to me, she gestured while a cloud of smoke rose above her head- that if I minded she'd promptly put it out. Smoke never bothered me too much..(I gestured back) thinking -just an open container?
I suppose I could relate a little, and so we did. Thankfully at that point, it became obvious that God was the only one we could truly depend on for direction.
In conclusion, I consider it both positve and somewhat bleak, as I feel it takes a willingness on our part to submit? I dropped her off on the side of the road where she wished- still- both glad to have had the opportunity for this exchange.
Life isn't a one way street~
I noticed this later on-line and clicked for a better description. I had no idea they actually had nicotine inside? I thought it might be some kind of virtual cigg's? (lol). I guess I'd been thinking a lot about addiction and dependency..and just how far we'll often go?

My husband quipped..looks just like a catalytic converter
 (which converts hydrocarbons)!


Ginny said...

Is this an electronic cigarette? I've heard of them. But I've never seen them in stores. I wonder how much they cost and how long on will last? What is the advantage, you can't fall asleep and burn the house down? Wow, you are brave picking up a hitchhiker!!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Well I could always have a tree branch wack me in the head and go that way? heh heh..think you order them on line. I new a man who's father died in bed from a lit cigarette..and then some? (now that's a big drag)

rainfield61 said...

What an experience!

I usually do not know how to handle situation like this.

And if a man and a woman...

The Write Girl said...

Hi Regina,

It's amazing how people cross our paths but I am sure she needed you in that moment. I hope she'll be okay. Thanks for sharing the story.

Joyful said...

Sometimes life throws us a wrench in our plans ;-) We make the best of it and leave the rest of it to God. Whenever I have an opportunity like this I always replay it over and over in my mind to see whether I did and said the right things. It helps to remember that sometimes we plant a seed, sometimes we water it, other times we are just breaking/preparing ground and sometimes we get to harvest. Big hugs xx

Kilauea Poetry said...

Man an a woman what Rainfields? I guess you can never plan for these things
Thanks too
Penny, that is so true..I seemed to do the replaying- but it's just as you say:)

Amin said...

Hello!How are You!Very interesting thing is this.

Amin said...

You know that I am deep believer.I do not smoke and do not use the alcohol.The Islam does not allow to use them.

Sandra said...

there are a lot of different brands of these E-cigarettes. i have 3 friends using them, and all three are different. ann's does not have nicotine in it, but the taste of it. she lives in a nursing home and they have gone smoke free, she can now sit in her room or the hall and smoke. the first time i saw her smoking in her room, i freaked out. she said its ok and asked me to smell the smoke she blew out, it is more like steam. the other two do not like theirs. the are a lot cheaper than real ones.

Leenie said...

We never know what experiences and/or opportunities will fall in our path each day. Who knows? You may be entertaining angels unaware. Good on you for stopping and giving her a lift--probably in more ways than just physical.

Thanks for the reminder that we are all humans and all need a hand up a(not just a hand out).

Anya said...

Interesting post Regina !!!!
But there are so many things that not is healthy
(omg..... bad english .... LOL)
Enjoy today
we all don't know what tomorrow will bring to us!

Have a nice day
sorry for our long absence


Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´Anya

Kilauea Poetry said...

Sandra..ya, well I find it interesting..looking at cost and enjoyment? I'd rather roll my own and savor (lol).
Anya..oh yes (a burp should remind one of that-
ha ha), one of my son's still smokes too-
Hi Amin..thank you for visiting-
Leenie- hey, I really appreciate that..thanks for your encouraging input-:)

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