Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Baths, MMS, Me, Pammy & Van

Yes, this is longer than normal..only I'd wanted to post something about MMS before. I felt it might be helpful and at least amusing..but you decide)

I was doing the Hula
All by myself
 When I got into a compromising position,
of sorts..
Suddenly, I thought of Ms. Pamela Anderson..and realized we both have something in common!
You might wonder what that might be? See, she contracted Hep C for one- from a tattoo.
(I always fancied a cute little dragonfly by my ankle).
Where was I? Well  I got it through a blood transfusion years ago. So consequently, I try to beef up my immune system just like her too.

Anyhow,  today in fact, I got side tracked on one of those internet searches. Low and behold, I found that she and Van Morrison shared something in common too. They both enjoy getting pampered while hobnobbing around at the Bath Spa hotel..but I'll cut this short-

‘All Pamela wanted to eat was asparagus and mushroom Cup-a-Soups,’ and Van would ring down Italian from a local restaurant ..hotel would pick up! There you have it- he made wonderful music and we both enjoy Italian food!

Now, the thing I found interesting was how she indulged in a bizarre beauty routine – taking ice baths. Staff had to carry ice up to her room twice a day..said it stopped her aching and kept her feeling young. Well I left to do a little more research then found this interesting site (Get Fit Slowly)- worth a read.
So, I tried it..uh, minus the ice (cold water was shocking enough) but it honestly wasn't the first time..I remember doing this up in the mountains camping and it was exhilarating..not to mention energizing. Have you ever done that?
If you have some time check out this site. Well, besides taking internally..I soak in MMS (2) (here is a link where a fellow by the name of Dr. John Humiston explains what it is)(not a cure all)- just powerfully  disinfects..ridding your body of all the bacteria and toxins that can run your immune system down. (Jim Humble-his story) is the man who developed it. Anyway, I would never post something like this if I personally hadn't tried, or didn't work for me. I've kept a  record in fact since I began, and watched in amazement how many different things cleared up, which basically caused me to become sick then run down..various infections- bladder, yeast etc.. but I hope to become a little more disciplined in order to assist in it's function?  I still feel rotten (ah ha ha), mostly my head/energy level. But I admit, I could do better as I said.
On a side note, I found out my cat loves the smell..so much so she would keep circling the bath tub. One night the lights were out before I drained it and I heard her fall in! She managed to climb out before I got her. We're on water catchment so we put it inside our tank. 
In closing..I've soaked in the MMS then did a shorter cold bath..it was extremely exhilarating~


Joyful said...

Well the (ice) cold water certainly sounds exhilarating if not bracing *smile. I did read up on MMS last time you mentioned it and I now remember having gotten the book a few years ago. Like many good ideas and thoughts, it never got very far. For now it is put on the side. Right now am in my 3rd or 4th day or a cleansing using fibre, laxative and milk thistle. Just yesterday I was saying I don't notice anything. But today do I! I have a headache and breaking out in small things on my face. So I guess its working. I am supposed to child sit tonight for the first time in years. I hope my headache doesn't get any worse, LOL. I hope you are able to continue with your regime and that you are feeling better. By the way, before I forget, have you checked out Naomi Judd's treatment of her HEP C? She says its cured now but I don't know what she did for it. I think she has a book about it.

Ginny said...

This is interesting. I knew about the MMS and the hepatitis, but not the cold baths. It would be so un comfortable, you are a brave one! This reminds me of the Polar Bear Club, is that the name? Where those men go swumming in real cold water outside. I know it is good for your body to be not too warm, but the cold baths, I don't know. They have just found that catching a chill lowers your immune system, so there really was something to that old wives tale about catching a cold from being chilled. Also I read that bathing in extremly cold water can cause your heart rythms to go off.

Sharodindu said...

nice post.. though skeptical the concept of ice bath.. at least during this winter :)


Anya said...

Very interesting story
I love your pictures
special the last one ................ LOL
So so cut and lovely :-)

Kareltje =^.^= Betsie =^.^=

Kilauea Poetry said...

So you bought the book Penny and let it sit..what if I did that with my exercise videos? (smile). I would be curious as to where you'd find MMS in Canada? I did hear about Naomi..I'll look into it more. Well, kids are a blast but you gotta be ready (lol). Thanks for the read and hope your fast is smooth. My son brought me lemons and plans to do the lemon honey and cayenne..but he couldn't stop talking about food! Ha ha
Ginny, I screemed..you should of seen the look on my dog! I tend to agree with you though, and (by the way-greetings) Sharodindu! I think you have to be sensitive and I'm certainly not an athlete..glad you stopped by!
Hello Anya- glad you like these..hope your family's doing well (hugs)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

So beautiful!

rainfield61 said...

When I hiked Mount Kinabalu, about 8000m high, temperature at 8 deg C, heater was down.

I had that experience. It lasted less than 5 minutes, I quickly rubbed and dried myself.

I do not want that experience again.

Amazing Gracie said...

Hello! Very interesting post! I have a friend who was diagnosed last year with Hep C and has no idea where or how it was contracted. She's on Prednisone. I have various and sundry health probs but have never stayed on a regimen. I'm kind of like your previous commenter, full of good intentions but no follow through.
~~~I don't think I could get into a confined area like a tub in cold water. I've dived into cold water but not ice. Brrrrr!
~~~Only two people commented on the car in the river in my last post. I thought it was hysterical, but I guess there are few of us who did. I have a rather dark sense of humor!

Sandra said...

i have heard about the cold baths but not the other. our pool is down below 50 and bob gets in it twice a day, i tried, but only got to my butt and screamed NO. it does help pain in the legs, i stood leg deep and it made the pain better. POOR kitty, fell in mommies soak.
you asked where i am, i was gone most of yesterday and half of today. i have visited 2 sites today, ginny and now you. i can't get time to get on here and look, comment. will do catchup later.

Amin said...

Hello! Beautiful photos!

Amin said...

Very interesting post!

Amin said...

I think the cold water is not for me...

Kilauea Poetry said...

lol) Rainfieds- I don't blame you! Mountain water is sobering!!
Hello A. Gracie..Cold tap is quite enough- regimens are sometimes difficult to stay on top of? I've found myself falling in to almost adjusting to illness and it's spooks me enough to vamp up or do somthing. The brain vog/fatigue has to be the worse so cutting out heavy protein helps.
Ahh, Sandra- ya, getting through shock therapy..well, your dogs have lived up to 15 years drinking pool water says something! and that obviously is a different chemical make up!
Greetings Amin..yes, I bet it gets awfully cold in your neck of the woods -one wouldn't have to haul ice? Thanks~

Vilt og vakkert said...


I like to give you an award. Please, visit my mainblog: http://thegardeningartist.blogspot.com/
Have a nice weekend ;:OD)

Kilauea Poetry said...

That is as beautiful as thoughtful Karen!! Simply lovey..I'm so greatful..just my type of award too (lol)- Mahalo (thanks)-many:)

The Write Girl said...

Fascinating post. I have to check out the links you included. I hope you are feeling better though. God bless and have an awesome weekend.

Anzu said...

Please enjoy taking bath in cold-icy water.
Wonderful pool for white bear.

sojourner said...

LOL my head is spinning from your train of thought but was able to capture the words - in my back packing days i used to get up early, do a jog to the nearest stream and take an ice cold mountain skinny dip - it would prepare me for the days hike - i'm not good with that kind of cold exposure anymore - hot tubs and warm bubble baths fit my style these days - enjoyed the music and photos!

Amin said...

The new header is very wonderful!

Sandra said...

your header is good, looks great to me

Kilauea Poetry said...

Yvette..thanks! So happy to hear from you..ya, right now the weather is a bit cool anyway, like you- I find it harder to do now!

teca said...

What a lovely post! Thank you!
Sorry not coming recently.
A warm hug from Brasil.

Eaton Bennett said...

Regina, I followed the link to Jim Humble's discussion on MMS, several of them in fact. I did some more googling and discovered that it is against the law to buy MMS in Australia and Canada.

The thought of the cold baths without the mountain inspiration is just too much to contemplate... ^oO^ probably explains why I'm struggling with my energy levels - scared of a little cold water. lol

Very interesting post, thank you. {{{hugs}}}


Kilauea Poetry said...

Ya..I don't know what I would do? FDA..they can't understand why everyone isn't happy with what they manufacture out of a lab? Thank Eaton

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!