Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where Mercy Abounds

There is a place
That speaks of Kings
Sharp sickles
Threshing floors
And we
The fallen..
Fragile limbs
Who once flourished
In the finest season
A Potpourri of dried tears
An aching void
And He
Of Promised rain
Who parts the mist
Shadows gleam..
Mocking sadness
Like darkest dreams
And so
Is the story
Spoken of hidden realms
Of Kings and vessels
With sharp sickles
Mercy abounds
Where sympathy
Affection sprout
From fertile hearts
Threshing floors~

 Inspiration from a devotional (I think Cowman)
Posted in the Wintertime last year ?


Ginny said...

That's a pretty cool purple header! What a poem, at once very dark and hopeful!! And this Christmas song on your player goes very wll as the background music, the instrumentation is just a bit dark, sounding almost midevel.

Amin said...

Hello!How are You?!

Amin said...

If I understood correctly in English ,these are very sensitive words...

Sandra said...

beautiful and i like the 3 kings music playing. i forgot to say last time i commented how much i like your header. i think it is stunning and love your persective shot

The Write Girl said...

Thank God mercy abounds...a beautiful and spiritually moving poem Regina. I love the flow. Very deep!

rainfield61 said...

I like your title "Where Mercy abounds".

And Indeed, mercy abounds, where sympathy &
Affection sprout..

doro said...

Very "soft" and "clean" poem - like haiku!

Mmmm, love Your blog snow! Winter in Poland (yesterday)

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!