Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Reflecting

Another Sunday drive
Halfway around the island
Chancing fast food
Made it easier
Caving into sugar..
So we threw some blame
When it brought us down
But a mountain breeze
Blew in our face
Seem to just
 Forget that place
(but not Tex Drive-In, home of the famous Malasada's)
Under a canopy of red
We found yellow
Came in pairs

 And moss
It doesn't only
Grow on rocks..
But fastened with the needles
Where she played Frisbee
High above the sea~


Dejemonos sorprender said...

Beautiful pictures of the place where you live.. i liked..

Leenie said...

Is there that much variety in Kauai landscape? I know the Big Island goes from rain forest to range but I wasn't aware of the same where you live. Love the pics of your doggy friend and the Frisbee. I always enjoy your photography.

And it's all I can do to keep from licking the picture of that pastry on my monitor. YUM!

NatureFootstep said...

Interesting shots. And a lot of needles. :) Have to be sure not to come too close. :)

Yes, The NF Macro si weekly. I put it up wednedsday evening Stockholm time. Usually around 20.00. You are welcome to participate.
Most, or all, Swedish understand english even if some of them are not so good in writing. But I want the meme to be international. It brings variety and it is interesting to see things from around the world. :)

Ginny said...

I love those cactus needles! And what is that you're eating, it looks like a beignet? It looks so good! Those yellow things, they look like something on a coral reef underwater!

The Write Girl said...

I enjoyed your weekend adventure and those photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Amin said...

Beautiful and very interesting for me that red flower...

Amin said...

These hills looks like the hills in our village...

Amin said...

Interesting header...
What is this in the header?

maiaT said...

Beautiful series of photos.
Many interesting plants and those little yellow birds in the grass are so sweet.

rainfield61 said...

Last three pictures look so peaceful.

It is good if I can find a similar place over here.

Sandra said...

i like that lonesome tree and the fence at the end. yum on the sandwich and i would love to drive around your island

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