Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trash & Half Licked Peanut Butter!

When I woke up,
I found two things that were just uncalled for..
pictured in the order of significance-

Look know what this is?

Trash..that's right- nestled in those lovely ferns! I mean, just think..I got up early just to take my dog on a morning walk and maybe catch the sun coming up (that's almost a stretch as I don't always make it) ... but you can see I brought my camera- only to realize someone else thought my road would be a convenient spot to chuck their garbage!
Honestly, the last time this happened..(uh no..actually- the last two were a box spring followed by a mattress (in the same order-not on the same day) can you believe it? Rude!
Now get this..once someone left a smaller garbage bag like this further up the road and I checked inside cause I figured if they were this lame then they must also be sloppy enough to have left receipts inside too? Well I was right! I found enough bills that = a number, which I called. A woman on the other end must of sensed where I was going with this and hung up on me..ha?
The truth is, this happened some time's haunted me because I never looked inside that bag!

The other is a spoon (again)-

With 3/4 of a licked portion of peanut butter..see the pretty bitty particles of oil? Slap!
Gee..why not turn it over & lick the whole darn thing?!!


Ginny said...

Oh, you are much braver than me to look inside someone's discarded bag of trash! Who knows what foul stuff might be in it? Do you pick the trash up and take it home to throw it out? And is this on your property?

Kilauea Poetry said...

Not..that was the old trash but I used gloves! (that's why I mentioned haunted- there could still be a dead body in it Ginny)

rainfield61 said...

That is too bad. This happens in my place too, but else can we do?

Amin said...

Very interesting post!

Amin said...

Thank You very much for Your beautiful comments!

Amin said...

The flower on the header is very interesting for me!

Sandra said...

we live on a busy street and people throw all kinds of things in our yard, bottles and cans, they even throw glass bottles on our drive way. not all the time, but many times. i have never looked in a gag and would not. we find shoes, sandals, towels, shirts. we wash the towels and use on the dogs and wash the shirts and bob wears them in his workshop. amazing why people think they should do this. would not want to see their houses. i would never not lick all that peanut butter off, my spoon looks like it has been washed

Leenie said...

So many humans are so low class. Especially if they think no one is looking. I'm with you on checking through the bag and calling them on it. Next time tell them you're going to steal their identity from the info you found. (hehe) You're right about there being a chance that something that needs attention might be in the bag. The tossed spoon is just funny.

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