Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sound of a Tweet

(This gives you an idea of how one of them sounds..
trust me, it's actually a lot better to hear a chorus than say two)? You certainly don't have to mute my tunes!

Late at night
Could hear an echo
Like the sound of a bat
Just Coqui (tree frogs) a calling
Clinging to the trees 
In the rain
Like sap

I thought
Of Reid tweeting Gaga
Useless figures
Media showers
It's when my pie
Began to sour
They like to come out
During the night
We were still mesmerized
As it grew dark
Well you know
You can't hear
A burglar
While they're singing in the rain-
Useless figures
The media showers..


Flat Creek Farm said...

I love it!! Oh, how I miss "my" frogs during the winter months. You've helped me. Thanks! Cute kitty and beautiful sky too :) Happy new Year!! -Tammy

Ginny said...

Coqui!! I have learned about these from watching Dora The Explorer. Yes, go ahead and laugh! But I've never heard of one, they sound like little birds! So cute!I love your poem, it does have a bit of a mesmerizing cadence.

The Write Girl said...

I like the sound of the coqui. Very cute. Love your new profile pic. Santa hat looks nice on you.

Joyful said...

I love it too. Pics and poem..all go well together and fit my sentiments. I think I see how the Coqui got its name. I love the photo of your cat gazing up :-) Happy New Year!

rainfield61 said...

I would be mesmerized by the frog, at night.

I would be mesmerized by the human, in daylight.

Eaton Bennett said...

Happy New Year, Regina. I hope this year will be inspirational, healthy and full of love. I've been wandering through your poetry and photos and as always enjoying the differences between our homelands and poetry and rejoicing in the same God we serve.
fondest regards,

Leenie said...

So--so--different from what we are experiencing. Big blowing snow this morning. If schools weren't out for the holidays they would be closed for the weather. Snow plows working to clear it. No sweet small sounds from frogs or birds. No humid green leaves ---just the roar of plows drowning out the feather sound of flakes.

How cool to see the little froggy puffing and fun to hear him sing. Also love your words.

Sandra said...

I am sittingon the sofa lap top in my lap and when the adorable frog stared tweeting baby came running, she is standing here tilting her head side to side with ears forward like what is that and where is it? precious frog and thanks for the sound, we have tree frogs that are loud enough to keep me awake at night.

Amin said...

Thank You very much for this information!
I have not seen before so like frog!

Amin said...

Very wonderful post!

Amin said...

The new header is wonderful!

Amin said...

Have a good week-end!

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