Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Campers, pt. 1

We traveled maybe 10 to 15 mph as our load was heavy with two motorcycles in the back of our truck- (so it took us about that speed for a good part of the way) along the Mauna Keanakolu road -accessed from either Saddle Road or Waimea. Basically it's a 45-mile route around Mauna Kea.. here, about (6- 8,000 ft. elevation) but takes about 4-6 hours depending how quickly one wants to go. The roads can only be accessed by a 4 wheel drive and can be quite treacherous with heavy rain and mud, making steep hills difficult to climb. Believe me, we've been stuck before but we happen to be in the midst of a severe drought right now.."some swaths of the Big Island are the driest places in the United States, designating it an agricultural disaster by the fed gov."

Ever since we (me on the back of my husbands motorcycle) discovered this route at the beginning of the 90's- it still seems to evoke the same magical feeling - right out of a story book. The journey through this old ranch land twists along a bumpy path with thick dense grass and powdery clay dirt. You need A.C. too (we used to come back with dirt in our pores from our bikes or jeep).

(do enlarge)
 Did you really think they'd leave us out- ha

 The forest is full of enchantment
Holds deep secrets

 Old Kohler generator
View- leaving the modern bathrooms (behind)
Some of the grounds..
We made do until our son's joined us with a coffee maker
You can't think of everything - but someone else might?
(Running water from catchment~just not suitable for drinking)
 Because this is just the beginning of Fall, it wasn't too too cold- but warranted a nice stove at night-

 Women and dogs get left out..but often its the women that get to choose. I left out the bikes (oops) but you can see who would of loved to chase the motorcycles below-
(Son's Shepherd on the right- is pup in previous post)
 I couldn't resist- a handsome pooch in Monochrome (this guy made off with a nice skewer full of mushrooms wrapped in bacon) He was tasered (shock colar)-just like his daddy now! lol))
We are so over it..
See how we could care less (lucky for our concentration)
Look at us frolicking below
L-R- (Apollo, Moo Moo & Munchi)

This place is hard to put in words -with the combination of high altitude and unique vegetation..but the Seasons are evident and Autumn can even be felt back at home- it's here.
Second night of a full moon
Thanks for letting me share my adventures with you~
(Apples, Koa trees and some things we did (including a few before and after shots from the 90's), coming up next in pt 2..


teca said...

Ah... what a lovely place... my God, how wonderful tour!

And the sound that accompanies the blog is fantastic! As if I was in the pictures!

Thank you for sharing beautibul moment.


Joyful said...

Looks like you all had a great time :-)

Ginny said...

Well, your accomodations just look so primitive and uninviting! But I guess that's the point of camping? I'm sure glad you are back none the worse for wear? Good pictures to document the whole trip! You tased your dog??? That dies not sound like something you would do!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Thank you for sharing... loved every last bit of it!! What a wonderful adventure. If I lived where you live, I think I would "adventure" every day.. :) I adore the pictures of your dogs, and that header is my favorite yet (they're all really my favorites). -Tammy

Leenie said...

Roughing it in the best kind of circumstances. Cool doggy friends, a fire in the stove and a magical location. Who could want for more? Looking forward to part 2.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Greetings and a big hug Tica- thanks
Twas fun Penny
Ginny, after a couple lines I knew it was you (ha ha)- well, yes and no..some of these structures aren't in use -like the generator, BUT- the new bathroom facility sports a compost toilet (many folks here use them still) and you toss mac-nut husks (macadamian nut)in (I might add this) along with sprinkles of lime) -they supply. The running water is cold and it's rain catchment like most of the Island is on. So you bring what ever will make your trip comfy(est). My son's dog was naughty..he just uses a shock colar occasionally (he's in training)(lol)
Hi Tammy- glad you appreciate this- thanks for visiting!!
Splendid too!

Sandra said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the paw friends photos, of course you knew that. the first photo looks like our outhouse we had in kentucky and as for the rest of the photos they are all awesome, including the header. all that color is gorgeous

rainfield61 said...

You have such an interesting journey, and you made every part of the journey so interesting.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Sandra, so you have a few memories yourself..
Rainfields, glad for your visit and "I have to let go the beautiful past in order to appreciate a better now" wise words- seems tricky as we get stuck back there (for me-so relevent to this place)..but its true- thanks

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful post. I enjoyed reading your adventures. You certainly were roughing it with the outhouse. I love the dogs...and the puppy is so big now. Fun stuff Regina!

maiaT said...

Very beautiful, inviting nature scenes you show in your photo.

I would like to ride those bikes too, though, no coffee, please!
The dogs are very beautiful and they are a lovely company.
Great shots. Have fun!

Amin said...


Amin said...

Have a good trip!

Amin said...

Wonderful place!

Amin said...

Beautiful forest!

Amin said...

Very interesting post!

Amin said...

Wonderful header!

Amin said...

Be happy with Your family!!!

Amin said...

Hello!How are YOU?!

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