Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When I Set Out To Pray

Note..I wrote this one shortly before launching Kilauea Poetry, though I was too chicken to post it here?

(Of course you should enlarge)
While contemplating my present state
And rather attribute it’ all to fate
I figured in blooming, perhaps I was late
That for all my sincerity
It seems a bit queer
In extending a hand
Could lose you a fan
I gave some more thought
Then smoked a little pot (just teasing)
Now I’d set out to pray
Figuring it the best way

But all attempts in the matter
Were abruptly assailed
Thoughts became scattered
Like moths in the night
I thought of my son
Probably caused him duress
My cheeky comments
To those blogs he’s been mounting
True true, it’s merely a guess
But just like a freight train
It picked up no less
Then Jennifer Anniston
That fuss about her nose..
Well it flooded my mind
Like a garden hose
Angelina Jolie, the U.N. and Brad
Those orphans and Billy Bob
An if that’s why he ran?
Closed my eyes tight
To help get a grip
Always conscious
Of my own little sin
But this proved brief
As I managed a spin
Perhaps that I should’a
Been on my knees
Now it’s all just a blur
Why it occurred just then?
That I’d never tried
Any Limburger Cheese!
Before you get feeling
Ever so obliged
Offering advice
Be it humble or nice
Just make sure
It hasn’t happened
To you more than twice~


Ginny said...

Very cute and smart, reminds me a wee bit of Dr. Seuss! I hope the fan that you lost wasn't your son! Yes, thoughts race in my mind when I go to bed especially. No distractions or pretty much nailed it with the things that will pop in and out of the brain in quiet time. Your son has blogs that bother you?

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey Ginny..thank you..well I actually posted this when they were on Myspace. (Lol) I joined (my excuse) back when they were living in Arizona so I could stay in touch.

Sandra said...

that is a precious little toad in those rocks and you KNOW I LOVE, LOVe the NOSE shots. I have son that does not speak to me, have not seen him at all in 3 years and only once in the past 5.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I like that!! Hope you gained your fan back in the end.. lol! :) Take care! -Tammy p.s. love the photos as always. just wonderful! and your doggie's nose - adorable ;)

rainfield61 said...

It looks like the talking is coming out from the big noses.

Netster said...

Beautiful Regina :)

How are you, long time no see... I hope everything is okay :D


Joyful said...

Made me laugh! Enjoyed the wonderful, relaxing sounds of nature and the brilliant photos :-)

Amin said...

Good morning!

Amin said...

I am fine.How are You?

Amin said...

Beautiful photos................

Amin said...

I did not understand everything.....
I do not know English very well.Sometimes I understand .sometimes not..

Amin said...

Thank You very much for Your beautiful comments...

Leenie said...

Isn't it so true. You try to calm your mind into that still water so you can think deep thoughts and send up a meaningful prayer. But, at least in my case, I immediatly lose focus, the brains scatter, I remember stuff I need to do and what about that problem? Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be praying here.

Fun poetry. Love, love the doggie pics. Made me smile.

Misalyn said...

Lovely piece of poetry. I like those sepia shots, they are all beautiful, as always. I hope that you gained back your fan..I really like this post. Wish I could rhyme my thoughts the way you do.

Have a wonderful weekend dear.

Amin said...

Take care of You!

Byz. said...

Hey Regina, that header photo is amazing, beautiful! I figure your personality steps right out of that poem...{{{hugs}}}

Anzu said...

I Love A Cool Frog.

Kiss for His Charming Big Nose.
ヾ´(´(●●)` )`

Amin said...

Good morning!

Amin said...

How are You?

The Write Girl said...

Lovely words Regina...I really like the last photo. I hope you have a lovely week :)

Regina said...

Cool my friend.

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!