Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's A Mad Madd World

Superman..why sure I believe in him!
It was a double moon, and I was doubly tired!
After all, my tights had been ill fitted..
But I was certain counting sheep
Would of helped me
Drift off to sleep?
Still, I kept tossing
Both of my cheeks
What a day..
I was truly a fright-
With Taxidermy lessons
At a quarter
Past eight
Sensitivity training-
I was running late
Had merely been a suggestion
Well.. maybe you can imagine
The look
On Daisy's face?
You see,
It was simply out of the question!

So I rushed about muttering
Just how I'd be back
To peel those potatoes.. 
Get that pot roast
In on time!

Then it occurred to me..

Clark Kent
Must of dropped in
On Hawaiian Tel?
But to my surprise
A thief
Made off with His cape
Discarding his threads
 A lit cigarette
Scratching my chin
I figured just then
A disguise
Is a disguise..
So I picked up that smoke
For indeed- there was hope
Gave a little smile
 Finished off his toke~


Sandra said...

the dog is adorable,the moon is superb! but the header is beyond WILD! I LOVEIT!!!!
the shadow makes it look like a monster lizard. love the greens and the shadows and of course the Lizard. looks like you had lots to look at while shopping.

Ginny said...

O.k. many questions about this one! Are you joking about the sensitivity and taxidermy lessons? Love the header! And you got the moon and Mars!! It was too cloudy for us. That last person is not you in disguise? Perhaps a good stealth shot?

Leenie said...

What WERE you smoking? Maybe it was just the full moon or those ill fitting tights giving both your cheeks one too many squeezes. Daisy does look a little dismayed. Or, maybe, you just need some big Idaho Russet Potatoes. Only takes one of them to make a meal. ;)

Love the lizard photo header!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks Sandra! Ya, I suppose your right (grin)
Lol) Ginny, my dogs name isn't really Daisy either!! I took enough of those moon shots- I need a few accessories as I'm not steady enough. Was cloudy but there were moments of clarity- truly a beautiful night:)
Classic Lennie! Thanks..oh, and I'm going to remember this- my mom sure thought potatoes made a nice filler!

eileeninmd said...

What an awesome header , I love it! Your post and photos have me wondering.I do know my dog would love any kind of leftovers.

The Chair Speaks said...

Love the picture in the header and the dog!

doro said...

;) Lovely lizards, moon, dog!

Oh Regina, it's the end of sunny days in Poland, we have cold weather and rain!!

rainfield61 said...

I try to read, until the line on superman, I know I need to be superman, but please spare me a tel.

I'll be there, as superman, helping you to count sheep.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Eileen & the chair- thanks for joining me!
Hey doro, is sad to say good by to Summer huh!thanks-
Heh heh,I too have noticed your great command over the English language Rainfields:))

Amin said...

Good morning!

Amin said...

How are You!?

Amin said...

Take care of You!

Amin said...

I liked the first photo very much.

Amin said...

I agree with You----------Mad world.

Amin said...

You are right,I did the photos of the kittens with flash.

The Write Girl said...

This post really made me smile...it's witty, fun, and entertaining. You saw quite a bit while shopping. Great post Regina.

Jingle said...


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Amin said...

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No problem.You is my wonderful friend !You can do what You want.

rainfield61 said...

Kilauea Poetry, Cerok Tokun is above an elevation of 300 feet.

Kilauea Poetry said...

My apologies for not respond here sooner. Jingle, I don't participate in those as it feels like an assignment? I appreciated yo stopping by and thinking of me.
Amin, it was just a suggestion- I'm glad your ok with that,
Thanks Rainfields:)

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