Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Distracted By The Music

Ever notice when your in town shopping... going to the bank or what have you- various places of business generally have some kind of music going on in the background? I mean, someone must of been elected to make the decision for what the public will have listen to? It would be different if it happened to be what you might find yourself dancing to in the shower (lol) ..or sedate- like you'd find in a dentist office?
On the other hand, my first trip to the dentist shortly after moving to the islands was a little unusual? I found out the dentist graduated from the same private school as my brother (back in California) -classmates in fact. He acted amazed, and even remarked that he thought my teeth were in such good shape! I found it equally amazing that they highly suggested I use a little nitrous oxide- kick back and just enjoy the rock an roll they had playing!! Uh,this was a general teeth cleaning I might add.. I must of given them a certain impression?
Well, one Bank branch in town plays 70's (not what I'd consider classic either)? So you might find yourself standing in a long line like I was recently (one could only imagine what's going through the next guys head)..perhaps thinking of your grocery list, when suddenly you hear "Jim Dandy to the Rescue" - a familiar tune by Black Oak Arkansas, seeping into the room like someone just patted a dusty chair! So instead, I found myself catapulted back to the first California Jam in April of 1974 (out door rock concert)- staring up in bewilderment as Ruby Star ..who the lead singer refers to here as his "Kissing Cousin"- emerged on stage!  In a short red dress and high heels - she began belting out the back up to that song "Go Jim Dandy, Go..!!! What a strange group!! Some things just stick...even though I know nothing else about them. They just happened to be one of the featured bands that day..so no, I wouldn't expect you to remember? In fact I had to look her name up-
Can you believe I wasn't even 17yrs old yet? Yikes- I found this on good old youtube and decided it was too funny to pass up- I suggest you get some pop corn!
Gee, I went through a spandex phase, but  (paleeze)..check this guys pants out!! You can mute my tunes on the side bar but I doubt you'll be watching the whole video here..grin


Joyful said...

How funny! I remember that tune "Jim Dandy..." but not sure where from. Probably tv or in the clubs when I was much younger ;-) Hard to imagine your banks plays 70s tunes..not exactly very sedate, lol. Most of what we get here in banks or office building is "musak"... non-descript "music". I think Hawaii is more unique if it is doing it's own thing where public tunes are concerned.

rainfield61 said...

I was in the mood of playing oldies and modern slow rocks while I was blogging these few days.

I do not like the hard rock that will rock me away.

Sandra said...

it is strange how hearing a song can catapult us back in time to memories bad and good. my music is the 50's and after that i quit listening to most of it. when my kids were teens in late 70's to mid 80's their music drove me nuts. i think each of us likes music from our teen years and that is what takes us back in time.

Ginny said...

NOT one of my favorite songs!! I do remember it, but don't think I've ever heard of this group. And I have been to some rock concerts in my time...yes sir! I saw The Beatles. Did NOT faint like the others, my, but that ambulance was just so distracting from the music.

Leenie said...

Hehe. I'm sneaking this one in at work so I just watched it without sound. Makes the video even more hilarious. Sorry I missed out on that one. I spent the 70's raising babies. That's probably why Sesame Street and the Muppets are so high on my list. This comment is brought to you by the letter O!

Kilauea Poetry said...

I loved to watch Sesame Street and the Muppets with my kids (kudos to reruns)! One of the Longs Drugs stores here, plays only Oldies- an improvement! Thing is, because of these clowns, I can't remember the rest of the bands really..but then it was a huge crowd, besides the distance -not to mention it being inferior to an indoor concert. I never saw the Beetles but did see many decent bands (grin). Thanks to all for joining me in a some hilarity!

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