Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wrestling With The Darkness

Its when I can tell...
(Mauna Road in Sepia- might enlarge)

I know right from wrong
But can't see life
Through rosy glasses

Well, slowly my time here winds on
So if just to discern
Put the wrong in the right
Yes, and the right where it's wrong

Mud's being slung everywhere
So I take a giant leap of faith
Place my foot in the unseen
My back to what would fasten me
My ears to an uncommon song
Along a hidden obscure path

Where too, I'm thrown into this ring
To duel in fiery trials
That pass as silently as they come
I wrestle with the darkness
And sift through falsehood

So if just to discern
For it's when I can tell~
I know right from wrong..
Put the wrong where it's right
Ya, and the right where it's wrong
My feet in the unseen
And my back to all that would fasten me
My ears to an uncommon song
It's the road not always taken
Along a hidden obscure path
That's where you'll find me


Leenie said...

I think we all can relate to your most profound poetry. Slogging lost and confused. The trick, as you say so well, is to continue even if the path is not obvious.

Butternut Squash said...

And what a remarkable path it is. Wishing you safe passage. Peace.

Ginny said...

A really great poem, I love the cadence and repetition of the phrasing. But it is disturbing, as well. I'm thinking that you're battling with quite a bit more than health problems.

Joyful said...

Lovely images in photo and words.

doro said...

So magic, mistic forrest!
Have a nice week; I have holliday with my familly, will back 12 august ;)

Sandra said...

I did enlarge the photo and guess what? I see light at the end of the path/tunnel. I would love to be there and walk through that tunnel in those woods with you, the picture and your life. just know The Light loves you and will comfort you and strengthen you. He will not make the problems go away but will carry you through tough times. the poem is beautiful and sad and full of pain and longing. it says it all. I care

Regina said...

I've been so busy lately my friend. I missed a lot of your post. And this one is really amazing! The poem is so beautiful and the image is fitting. Excellent one!

Love your fabulous header.
Have a wonderful weekend.

rainfield61 said...

The road in sepia is only temporary, and it is all in your hands.

and if you switch the light on,

and if you switch the wrong right.

Amin said...

Good morning!

Amin said...

How are You?

Amin said...

Take care of You!

Amin said...

I read in russian....
I dont know how I understood this poem.
I want to say that ------------I am deep believer,.....I think the light of Highest help to us against darkness ...........

Amin said...

I wanted to write-------Highest of all.......

Kilauea Poetry said...

I've been behind responding- here anyway, but I appreciate each one of you- are so special!!

Amin, I'm really thankful for your effort in saying so!! Yes, I agree about light and dark:)I'm sorry about the difficulty with translation. Perhaps I can learn to improve some way? So you speak Russian? Thank you-

Dave said...

mysterious, the photo is a story in itself.

The Write Girl said...

This poem is so inspiring. I love every verse and the photo is stunning. Nicely written Regina!!

greeneyes616 said...

Regina, Very similar view, just goes to prove that the Holy Spirit is using us to light the path and join hands around the globe. I love it, extremely meaningful and very empowering to one's spirit. God Bless and thank you for sharing... Patricia

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