Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, Wondering About..

I can remember staring up at the first Farrah Fawcett posters that were to grace our local mall- they were plastered all over! I happened to walk through with my boyfriend back when I was just a tender seventeen! Well I had quite a few personal issues back then.. really just complexes..most like any other teenager? But I've always thought there was just something about growing up in S. California though- with all the pressure on performance. One thing which crossed my mind was, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea if men had to wear horse blinders? Just a thought (heh heh) I'm so over it!

Well, I'd been thinking a lot (that happens when your feeling under the weather and can't keep as busy as you'd like)..uh, about why (fast forward)- she decided to do a reality show about her last days with terminal cancer? Did you know that? Any thoughts? I never saw it..have I been cheated out of something?

(you might like to enlarge)
In case you were wondering (that is my cat behind the mirror)
I'm guiding you through this..the best of my random musings and captures since my last post!
Just look at this lovely blue egg..I was eager to know what delightful bird laid it?
Now look at the messy nest above..I found out it was a Myna's egg! I have three I've posted about (who I refer to as my little crows)..this must of blown out of the tree this past week? They're famous for dragging in everything to make a home with.

 I saved the best for last..
This was a party the Portobello's had thrown last weekend..
The fungus had way too much to drink!

Hey, you mind dimming the light just a little!
Don't come back..see if I care!


Paula Werner Severo said...

Great photos! It´s always nice to visit your blog... I´m sorry but lately I am so busy with my master degree.. I hope you friends may undertand, I hope that soon I´ll be able to post new photos too!.. kisses!

The Write Girl said...

These are some great photos Regina...I especially love the first one of your doggie in shades. Very cute :)

Ginny said...

You are a laugh RIOT!!! The portobello party should really be a slide show on Saturday Night Live! I don't know how you come up with these things, but blogging was made for ones like you!! The words to the song are "Would you like to swing on a star?" Not bra! What an amusing and silly image. Did you watch Charlie's Angels? Yes, I remember seeing the Farah posters all over the walls of the mall stores. For a long time, it was the most popular poster EVER, don't know about now. Did you see Ryan and Redmond sitting at her grave on T.V. yesterday? It was the one year anniversary of her death, it seems like she just passed. She was such a strong fighter! I saw little snippets of the film, but would not want to watch it all, much too sad, and we have enough of that in life as it is, don't we? She said she made this film as a documentary of her process, something people would always be able to see. Perhaps she thought she would beat it, and this would be her journey of the process. I wonder where her angels were. How are you and what's been going on with you?

Leenie said...

Okay that was weird and random--but funny. Especially the bra-lizard-shiny-eyed-dog shot. Hehe! Strange and scary what our minds will do when we leave them on idle. Hung over fungus. :D Still smiling.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey Paula..good for you- and no, won't forget you! Glad you stopped by (missed you)
Thanks, happy you enjoyed these Katina!
Ginny, it wouldn't be nearly the same if I couldn't share(lol)..I did, but missed Ryan and Redmond (I can't believe it's been a year either!
I think I heard what you mentioned..that she wanted to do it for others just because of the type of cancer? Thanks, I'll be by..
You liked that is isn't it! On the other hand, it could actually be worse if I had more energy right now (grin)..

Ginny said...

I was diagnosed with hypothryoidism last year! I was having such bad low energy attacks that I would have to just go lay down and cancel plans. So I am on the thyroid pills once a day. Levothyroxine, I think. Sometimes it takes just a bit of trial to get the right dose, but you will notice your energy come back so quickly, it works like a pep pill!!! I'm so glad they found your problem and that it's easily fixed!!

Sandra said...

why on earth would we NOT come back. I LOVE your random musings and captures. these are all wonderful, love the dog with glasses and the almost shot of the kitty cat.
blogging is about seeing other people and where they live without leaving home. I love all your post, ramble on rambling rose. and i agree 100 percent BLINDERS! i vote YES.....

rainfield61 said...

Would you like to swing on a "star"? or would you like to dance with those fungi that look very much like skeletons?

Dave said...

excellent work here, very creative and funny on the second one.

Dave said...

PS, i have to come back to see it again, lol!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ginny, I've noticed a big difference within such a short period of time! I heard even with blood tests this is often missed! Thanks-
Sandra, thank you so much!! Your terrific (cheers) I think they should be used while walking about in public! ha ha
Rainfields..silly, they look like that because alcohal dehydrates you! ha
Hey, lol, thanks Dave!!

Butternut Squash said...

Drunken Mushrooms? Hmmm. Could be tasty.

doro said...

What a fantastic [fun-tastic] photos!! Hahaha! It makes me feel happy ;D

Anonymous said...

My husband's AKA is Snapper II. (I am Mrs. Snapper II or Madeline. You may see my comments on Sandra's Madsnapper blogs) I am answering about our connection with Madsnapper.

Madsnapper and I met up in the 9th grade in Savh. GA., and have been fast friends every since. When she moved to Fla. we lost touch for a while, but got connected again through email. What a wonderful communication tool! We chit chat every day, just like when we were in Jr. High.... Madsnapper and Snapper II both share the "photography bug!

Have a wonderful day!

Kilauea Poetry said..., must be quite a few interesting variations huh..have a great day-
Doro- I'm so glad you liked them!! Thank you-
Greetings Mrs. Snapper 11- I nice too! Well my best-

Regina said...

Cute dog. Such beautiful post my friend.
The header is glorious!


Netster said...

heheheheh Cute doggy. the cat is look at the bra? LOL Kidding.

Cheers my friend.

Krista said...

Wow! What a fun little photo journal, thanks! :o)

I can't tell you about the Farrah Faucet thing. I am a privacy hoarder though so I might not be the person to ask. ;o)

Your blog is the greatest, my cat is staring at my laptop, trying to climb on top of the keyboard to investigate! :o)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thank you Regina!! Nester- (lol) hugs! So happy you stopped by!! Hi there Krista! I appreciate your thoughts and your wonderful blog as well! Have a great week all-

Sandra said...

Missing you a lot!

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!