Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Indelible Print

I never told you about that dinner?

Elmer Cline had been looking for a name for a new loaf of bread he was about to launch back in 1921 (the year my mother was born). Inspiration for the name
Wonderbread had been hatched as he stared, in wonder, gazing up into the sky while visiting the Indianapolis Balloon race at the Indianapolis Speedway.

On Chewing:
A good rule of thumb is as follows "if you can tell what kind of food you are eating from the texture of the food in your mouth (not the taste), then you haven't chewed it enough. For example, if you are chewing broccoli and you run your tongue over the stalk and can tell that it is still a stalk or over the floret and you can still tell that it is still a floret, don't swallow. You need to keep on chewing until you can't tell the stalk from the floret.

I'm sure you've heard the expression, when something has left an indelible print?

Well I remember being casually invited to my friend's house for dinner one evening when I was a teenager..sort of a last minute thing (can so an so stay)? It was late, so we just filed in and assembled around the table to enjoy a little steak they cooked up. Only the steak happened to of been on the very very tough side! Making matters worse, (and my guess is), probably after polishing off a few drinks- they decided to serve the steaks tucked in between two pieces of Wonder bread! Imagine the look on every one's faces for a second..(I simply can't forget)- sitting there with our fingerprint's stuck inside that dough! I'm sure we all wished for harmony with the ill combined.. or honestly, just for that moment to come to an end!
But it's a Wonder, why no one ever said a word?


Ginny said...

Well, what a funny, quirky story. It's very important to MASTICATE well!! No, I did not just use a naughty word! We actually even need to chew milkshakes and thick drinks! I read things about it years ago. Having said that, have I told you how very much I am enjoying being your blogging buddy? You never cease to amuse, tickle, challenge and amaze me! Now I will tell you something horrifying. I had a similar ecperience when I was maybe between nine and thirteen. My mom took me with her to see her friend, and the daughter and I hung out together. For lunch this is what she served us. Steak between two peices of Wonder Bread. The ateak was tender and almost rare. She had buttered it so much that the melted butter dripped out when you took a bite. Liberally peppered. I had never had anything like it. Our family certinly didn't eat that way! To this day I am hooked, and want to fix one now!! Yum, I think I'll buy the steaks tomorrow!

The Write Girl said...

I love the dinner scene you described here. It is quite peculiar. I hope you are doing well. PS lovely photo of the moon and that photo of your dog is sweet :)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ahhh, masticate was the very word I was looking for!! Thank you Ginny..and this is hilarious! What a different story this would of been if that steak happened to of been tender? My husband asked me to pick him up some locally raised- grass fed steak this afternoon which he eats on the super rare side. Anyway, thank you for the sweetest words, I can assure you the feelings are mutual! Katina, thanks!!

eileeninmd said...

Love the moon photo, but that shot of your dog is just precious! Have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

thanks for the funny chewing lesson and the wonderful and sweet puppy face at the bottom. I am not a steak eater so no comment on that but I do love BREAD

Regina said...

Wow incredible moon. Your dog is really cute. Great post my friend!
Just got back home a few minutes ago.
Went outside as soon as I posted and linked it. Kind of busy these days. School just opened. My son need some stuff and lot of activities up to the neck(haha).
Have a wonderful weekend.

doro said...

Funny story - I see it in my imagination ;D
Hehehehe ;)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi, I understand that for sure- you too!
Thank you Doro!!

rainfield61 said...

Quite a different story from what I have read recently.

By the way, did the dog bark a word or two? You have to understand those are wonderful remarks.

Joyful said...

Love the photos and the funny story. It is apropos they call it "wonder bread", eh? lol

Denise said...

That little dog's expression says it all doesn't it Regina? Too funny! Your photos were beautiful. I always love to come here and see what new header you have showing, spectacular!

Sandra said...

Hi, today is 3rd day without a post, hope all is well with you.

Regina said...

Happy Birthday to your son! I wish him all the best!
(My father passed away when I was still a teenager).

Have a wonderful week ahead my friend.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Raintree, now I'll admit, your story was fuzzier..and indeed, her remarks are very important to me! Thanks for visiting..and hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Hey Joyful, glad you enjoyed this! (grin) I was thinking about you, Update: I had to send you an email because of my own computer problems..but now I'm only behind:)
Denise, thank you..boy, my appology,- I've been behind but will certainly be by shortly!!
Sandra.. your a gem!!
Regina- thanks, and I'm sorry. That's just it, so many of us have different stories and experiences. Anyway, have a great week up ahead-

Dave said...

love your tip on chewing.

your dog is just adorable.

Rosie @ Centre of Interest aka leavesnbloom said...

reminds me of childhood days when my mum used to make me eat liver - I could never swallow it - all I did was chew chew chew and nothing ever happened it was so tough and then I would have to get rid of it without her looking........ but mums know everything and I didn't get away with it - thankfully it wasnt on the menu for long.

How embarrassing it must have been for everyone at that dinner having to eat that without saying a word - no wonder they had their mouths full - I'm sure their cheeks and jaws were sore by the time they had it eaten.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Aloha Dave- I'm grateful for you liked the bit on chewing huh (lol)..Rosie, ya, that was quite a moment! oh I remember that liver too -hilarious!! Such a strong association with all the goings on in our kitchen at the time. My mom liked to cook that smothered in onions. I watched my brothers stick vegetables in their napkins under the table too! Thanks for this visit!

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