Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whiskey & Cinnamon Sticks

My father-in-law swore by this as a remedy for whatever ailed him! Now I never met the man, but he was Portuguese- (here is a link) Anyway, I figured my husband was close enough (lol)?
Well, I thought of it- sometimes reaching for stuff when you think your going to pass out or something. It's kinda the way I felt when I saw this photo of my son (he's 27yrs now)..(no, he hasn't had any children yet either-thankfully)..and I'm so over it, ha. Don't get me wrong, I love children. Oh, and I did remarry.

But If there was ever a reflection of shadowy mentoring back when- this has to be it? My parents probably felt like I was chasing them around with a big Ole magnifying glass at times - "but you!!" With the finger pointing and face scrunched!
OK..I accidentally posted this prematurely, so I'm running two separate posts together because I couldn't figure out how to deal with the title? It was going to be something like Speechless on Wednesday..sort of like the meme?


Denise said...

My Dad used to swear that a hot toddy was the ticket for colds; his was whiskey, hot water and sugar. My sister swore by grated ginger steeped in hot water for upset tums. It's always amazing to look at the old photos of our kids now that they're all grown. I have enjoyed looking at these and also wanted to say your header photo is fantastic.

Mountain Photog said...

Whiskey and Cinnamon Sticks! Hey, it couldn't hurt. :)

That's a great photo of your father-in-law with his monkey. LOL! And your son is a handsome boy. He's only 27, he has plenty of time to become a father, if he so chooses. :) -- Lisa

Kilauea Poetry said...

Thanks Denise!! ha..the ginger is such a powerful remedy for the stomach isn't it! It was nearly the same for my dad..he liked a shot of Whiskey every once in awhile. I never got morning sickness but if if pregnant women who do-knew this about the ginger! Anyway, thankfully we are close and things weren't too rocky. I appreciate your presence here! Have a wonderful afternoon!
Lisa..hi there..I misplaced the negative to that photo you were referring to. I need to get some copies of those old photos (what I do have) burned to a disk, instead of scanning- it comes in handy I guess? I appreciate your comments and visit! Me-

The Write Girl said...

I really like the photo of your son and his lady friend :) Interesting remedy here. Have a great day Regina.

Ginny said...

Love the picture of your father-in-law with the monkey! And the picture of your son is just so cute! But what is that amazing header? Home remedies can be funny, and often right. They've found out now that cinnamon really helps type two diabetes. Whenever anyone in our family got a sty, it was rubbed with great grandmother's wedding ring! When my friend couldn't make any milk for her baby, she solved it by dinking a beer at bedtime. Supposedly, this is a well known thing.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh Katina..thanks..they just seemed so young to be so cozy! ha ha
Ginny, ya, maybe it's just me and their age? The header is of an unfurled fern- thank you. A wedding ring..ha, well I know castor oil works like a charm for that! Maybe we should do a separate blog for what works..Hey, I heard from two different people that beer worked to flush out kidney stones (in addition to cranberry)?? Maybe they had one too many? Who am I to disagree! Thanks-

Mountain Photog said...

That fern is amazing! Speaking of unfurled ferns, do you eat fiddle heads there?

Flat Creek Farm said...

Ha, what a cozy young couple they are :) Great picture! I love your fern photos - that header is amazing, Regina. And the photo of your father-in-law... priceless indeed. I've heard monkeys do not make the best of pets, however in the past I thought I wanted one. I'm sure the father-in-law's pet was bonded with him completely and behaved better for him than with others.. lol. So cute. Thanks for sharing! -Tammy

Kilauea Poetry said...

Lisa..I just learned something new..fiddle head- (So named because they resemble the carved wood
on a violin.. how neat..
No, but we have the Pohole- poh-HOH-lay-
known as ho’i’o on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Their crunchy texture and mild flavor are similar to asparagus or okra—perfect for salad, here is a link..I just lost the other. Thanks!
Hi Tammy..thank you. Ya, your so right, about him being bonded with him! He was frightful with others. So glad you stopped by for this visit!! Hope things have warmed up for you, and speaking of which..still no snow, sniff! Hope you have a wonderful evening-

Mountain Photog said...

Those sound exactly like fiddleheads!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Lisa..don't they look like it too- so similar! A salad sounds good..I've had them in dishes- generally at pot-lucks but should try it myself.

Mountain Photog said...

I used to love a spring meal of sauteed fiddleheads, grilled trout and baked beans. Now I'm hungry. LOL!

maiaT said...

That with the whiskey and cinnamon sticks is a good remedy indeed. My grandparents used to boil wine with sugar, cinnamon and and a little black pepper, for cold.
Another gorgeous header photo, what a gorgeous design in the middle of the fern.
Your son is very handsome, I agree he has all the time in the world to make children.
Nice photo with grandpa and the monkey.
Thanks for displaying my badge and hope to see you on Friday.

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is classic Lisa..home made beans?
Boy..a lot of these Grandparents had it down huh! Thanks and cheers Maia T-

Amin said...

Hello,Dear Friend!It is very beautiful in our village now.And I do not want to come back.
I do not know the English very well without the dictionary.Excuse me.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Amin..I thought you came back all ready? Hope your mom is feeling better? Doe the translator above not work very well? Let me know..

Eaton Bennett said...

Hi Regina, I think i missed some of this post, I feel like a big chunk disappeared, cos I can't follow it. Maybe I'm not meant to follow it, lol!
Anyways my dear, I too love that header photo...SPECTACULAR is the word for it.

Eaton. :))

Mountain Photog said...

Yup, the beans definitely have to be homemade. :)

doro said...

I love this picture!!! ;DDDDDD
Hahahaha ;D

JM said...

I always use cinnamon sticks to dissolve sugar in my espresso instead of a spoon, but never tried them in whiskey! :-)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Eaton..I just don't know what to say,,you are so mysterious at times!? I'm going to have cook me a trout Lisa (grin) Doro- thanks! I wish I understood the carvings on the tree you posted? JM..hey, and I figured you'd have the scoop on this (lol)

Anya said...

Hi Regina
Nice to see your son
good looking boy :))))
Nice to read more about your family
this post is so lovely written.
You make us all ^____^

Have a wonderful day
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

doro said...

Regina - carving wood signs is a relict of borers; I found a piece of wood and I made it clean, finally I put real gold on a surface.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Glad you enjoyed this Anya! I do wish you a wonderful day-, ok-

Friko said...

I am confused, Regina. I'd better have some of that Whisky and cinnamon.

Anonymous said...

How could you know - whiskey I had last time nearly a decade and half ago, promissing that evening nearly my life...meeting a person with cinnamon skin...thank you for the memories.


Wishing you all a wonderful Friday.

Kilauea Poetry said... needn't be..they were probably around 14 or 15yrs..much too young. I failed to mention this happens to be a welfare state? You often find a lot of kids having kids. Hope I don't offend anyone by saying so..Now that concoction is bound to do the trick though..
ρομπερτ (Robert)?..that did it, I'm gonna go get a drink! (lol)

Regina said...

Whiskey and cinnamon?
Cool photo.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ya..thanks Regina!!

Let's be perfectly clear- the war on free speech is spiritual!