Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Give Me A Sign?

Monday Morning Musings-
Stuck at home over the past weekend fighting off a sore throat, I happen to come across a remark someone made while on-line.. can't remember where at the moment? Only the jest of it was-
"People want to hear lies, the truth is boring"! Well wasn't it Mark Twain who said, "Truth is stranger than fiction- fiction is obliged to stick with possibilities, where as the truth isn't"
Now I can't help but think..has there always been some kind of voice either giving us a little indication we were either heading in a wrong direction, or say a feeling of peace along this journey?
Well, have you ever noticed you just can't go back? For instance, my brother convinced our other brother (while visiting) to just take him on drive through our old neighborhood and have a look at the house we grew up in? Against his better judgement, he did- only to regret that he would of preferred to just keep the memories he had. He told me later, besides being run-down, there was even graffiti on our old Umbrella tree still standing in the yard- The very one I used to climb as a child!

Now I'll admit, it seems I've always had to learn the hard way..but would it be so different if there happen to be a sign in front of our path that said "Wrong Direction?

Well I feel the same today as I did when I wrote the following poem over a year ago (don't worry about the poem if some of you have a hard time understanding due to the translator? I'm sure you get the point. Anyway, this is called the "Fork & The Measuring Rod"

While I'm here
But you know we're there..
It's the present
Still it's the past
Take a picture
Fast foreword the video
Listen to an audio

We look out of our window
Life's in frames
We don't carry
A measuring rod,
Not near enough
To a weather vane
They're only gages, really..

Like some kind of chess board
Moving over lines, we once
Could hide behind
Turning into one road
From the other
We declined

When you've missed the fork
From the future you can see-
You lost time
When the present finds us
Out of line-
But the drama's
Merely trauma
When your past's
Just been defined-

I'd love to hear your thoughts-


Flat Creek Farm said...

What a cool poem! And yes, sometimes it's true... things just aren't the same when you 'go back.' Sad too.

Love the pictures as always. You are very talented! -Tammy

Ginny said...

Beautiful new header! You are so right! And I love the Mark Twain quote, never thought about it that way. Thomas Wolfe said it best "You can't go home again". We may think there's an open door, but there's not. Everything changes. Love the poem, especially the last two lines!! This is a very insightful post, as are you.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey thanks to both of you! Tammy,I wonder if we hadn't made such a big move..or maybe if it were under different
circumstances? Change is sad I think..always the if's? At any rate- I appreciate the
Positive feedback on this and the poem!
Ginny,another great quote! Sometimes It isn't easy
trying to capture the essence. well, I'm grateful for the exchange here- many thanks

Sandra said...

I certainly wish there had been a sign saying do not enter when i entered the wrong path 26 years ago, but there was not and I am blessed and happy that God is a God of second chances and will be glad to welcome us back from the wrong path and lead us down the right one. this is a great post, made me stop and think. the dog photos are wonderful to.. i like the first one and am wondering just what they were all thinking! I too can not go home, the razed it and built a highway. but it is there in my memory

EG Wow said...

I'm not sure why we humans insist on looking back so much. It's best to live in the present because it's what influences our future. We can do nothing about the past.

Neat post!

Amin said...

Hello,Dear friend!I am ta home now.My grandmother is well,only she has aches on her legs,she can not walk very well.
The new header is very beautiful and interesting.
The translater woks ,I did not notice last time it.I sse it now.
About this post-----Beautiful post.I can say only that ----------The time changes everything.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Sandra..ya, I mean I seem to of been plowing up-stream but couldn't really stop? So in a sense, I ignored many warnings? Yes..and couldn't agree more- everything has really worked for the good. Thanks..and we have those memories.
EG either? But like you say, it is the futere we can influence and re-direct. Glad you jumped in here- thanks! glad to hear from you! Glad you were able to give support to your grandmother! Thank you for your words- and good to know the translator works! Ya..time can change everything huh! I will be visiting everyone shortly..I'm still dragging around with this cold- My best to all-

Friko said...

I like truth, but not to the extent where it hurts. Sometimes I'd rather shut my eyes. Lovely poem.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Friko, I understand completely..its the way I often feel? Seems a constant friction and battle? Thank you!

ρομπερτ said...

There were six months through which I lived as in a lie, telling me not to hear what was inside, yet it turned out to be true, ever since hardly able to return to the "safe feeling" of a lie.
Guess that it might indeed be true, that "truth and lie" can't ever get the same, just like oil and vinegar in a bowl, just for a moment, maybe, but soon after, become again two liquides, which to be which, until now, I don't know.
A moving entry of yours.
Please have a wonderful and peacefilled Wednesday.

The Write Girl said...

I love how you ponder the past, present, and future in your poem. The photos compliment your post nicely. Sometimes, when you revisit old places, they are not as we imagined. Quite an interesting lesson here.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Robert that was a perfect analogy! They are always at odds with a desire to triumph! Thanks ever so much!
Katina- seems to be the case don't it? Grateful for your thoughts-

Joyful said...

I think that if people listen and quiet themselves for a moment, they do hear an inner voice that tries to tell them something. I've found that when I listen to it, everything works out as it should. Sometimes people are too busy or too loud to listen. Other times, they don't realize that they do have this inner voice and sometimes it is just plain old rebellion. They don't want to listen. Most people haven't been trained to listen to the inner voice and so even if we know about it, we tend to ignore it. At least I've found this to be so until the last decade or more where it now seems in fashion to pay attention to these things.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Well hello there..ya, I think if we have any sensitivity, we could then pay you say, many go against it like I did? I agree- it is often rebellion! Then there is the (in-working) of the Spirit.. if He indeed comes in..with the added discovery he happens to be pointing in a certain direction. Furthermore, what still or ought to become evident is the necessity for a vision. The truth is pesky for many, because its like rain on your parade. Life holds out this illusion (not as in Eastern)..but why I'm sure- people jump around for something bran new, only later realize its false..(but it holds out something for them)..maybe temporarily? Thanks for your feedback-

Amin said...

Wonderful post and beautiful comments!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Mahalo (thanks) Amin!!

Amin said...

Dear Friend,the mahalo is in what language?
The blossoms in the photo in my blog has fragrance.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh how nice Amin!!
Mahalo is Hawaiian for “thank you.” It is sometimes accompanied by the phrase nui loa, which is an intensifier meaning “very much.”
Here is a link you can copy that might be helpful- Hopefully I'll be posting something new today. My best, Regina-

Anya said...

So so so beautiful words
(you are really talented to write a story ;)
and I love the poem :))))))
Cute shots also I almost forgot !!!
Mahalo for the fantastic post ..

Anya ^___^

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh how sweet Anya- greetings.. Your great!! Have a wonderful day-

maiaT said...

Beautiful post and a lovely poem too.
In my experience truth, in most cases is unchanged but we change as the time passes by.
I often lost beautiful memories by going back, just like your brother.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Maia..I'm most grateful for your kind words today- we do don't we. Also looking forward to another Macro Weekend, My best, and until then-

Byz. said...

The older I get, the more the past is relevant for some reason, especially in wanting to form big lumps of regret in my throat. I refuse the regrets, mostly, because all passage through life is learning and I cannot change anything and I am who I am. And for me, Jesus, has made every ounce of difference and completeness in me. Hope this makes sense my friend.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Eaton..thanks for your wonderful perspective.
I don't think its relevancy ever leaves us?
The good seems to be what we can use to build the present- right along side with the bad..
for the very sad led to brokeness (his way) as it was the ground of our meeting Jesus.
I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here!

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