Monday, March 1, 2010

Morning Glory, A Fairy & The Cup

In The Cup
Let us not gaze
At petals-
Long been cast
Or linger with sorrow
What comes with tomorrow

But drink in the sunshine
Along with the dew
Scatter for others
Who briefly we pass
In one phase or another
Along life's path-

(His Birthday)
(maybe enlarge)
(He just made nine years)

Look of surprise when the laundry arrived?
(I caught this one below with my cell phone ..but just look closely on the edge)-


doro said...

oooo! fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey thanks Doro..I had to hurry to go back and shrink the image (was a bit too large) got to stop doing that!

JM said...

I love the first bird shot! And the flowers, of course!

I thought of you while I was watching the tsunami live. Gladly, it made no damage!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Peachy! What beautiful pics, and the laundry pic = just priceless :) So glad everything went ok this weekend. I kept watch of the news and breathed a BIG huge sigh of relief for all of you. Whew! -Tammy

Gardendiggers said...

What a happy bir(d/th)day :-D

Regina said...

Beautiful and amazing photos.
Happy birthday to your little friend. Looks like he is watching at his own reflections on the cup.
Wonderful post dear friend.

PS. you posted twice?


Kilauea Poetry said...

Ahhh..oopsy, thanks Regina!! I deserve that!ha ha
Thanks- to each of you!

Paula Werner Severo said...

Very beautiful photos!... It´s good to see that everything is alright with you after what nature made to your country!
Have a great week!

eileeninmd said...

Lovely poem and photos and a happy birthday to your cute birdie. Is it Peachy?

Amin said...

i love the flowers.Very wonderful photos.

Taty Cascada said...

Qué lindas fotos, gracias por darme unos momentos de belleza y alegría. Te agradezco tu visita en mi Blog, yo y mi país estamos sufriendo, es agradable ver belleza dentro del dolor vivido.
Un abrazo desde Santiago de Chile

Amin said...

Very beautiful flowers

JM said...

Love the header! Gorgeous photo!

sojourner said...

got on the computer to work on some study cards for an up coming exam and couldn't resist a visit to a couple of blogs - i've had the week off from working at my intern site counseling at-risk teens - this place of yours gave me respite! the picture on your header is my favorite because i love horses and green grass and knarly trees - the birthday photos made me smile - please, please, don't let those cats get the birthday boy! your life seems loving and sweet with your precious pets! :0)

Friko said...

beautiful new header!
Happy belated birthday to the master!

Kilauea Poetry said...

I've been moderating via my blackberry early morning (cause I've been too cold to get on the main compute)is that funny or what? Well, I'm just letting you know that I appreciate your warmth here in this blogsphere and will certainly stop by to visit your bloggy! Regina-

elvira pajarola said...

....Buon Compleanno....Happy Birthday, sweet parrot....! These theree friends are just adorable.......!!!! I love it when all kind of animals are able to life in peace and harmony together; it's fabulous!!!!!!!

Regina....THE HEADER is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!
ohhhhhhhhhh, are these magnificient horses living on a big open field.....!!? It is so sublime!!!!!!!! These wonderful creatures ....and the contrast of the big tree.....MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a fantastic weekend, cara Regina!
ciao ciao elvira

Oz Girl said...

How sublime, a world such as yours where the cats and the birds get along so nicely. :-) I love the laundry shot, and sending a belated happy birthday to the birthday boy!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh thanks Elvira!! Wish you a relaxing weekend- no stress!!
Oz Girl- Still have to watch those clowns- huh!! (lol)

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