Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shadows Of Fall

Fall is crying
I look back
Your but a memory
Buried beneath
The turning leaves

Once when we
Had joined the dance
Like ocean's hidden depths
Began to swell

You passed
Shadows grew
Now I shade my eyes
Watch them mingle
Along this shore

Struck, looking in
Our grown son's eyes..
Was only you
I saw before..
But it's me too

In between
The words
I heard a hesitation-
Even introspection
Yes, I could see
That you are me
Yet you are us..
It will always be
Just you-

Fall is crying
And we'll remain
More than just a memory
Buried beneath
These turning leaves


Misalyn said...

Lovely poem and lovely photos. Love the reflections in the first photo.

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful poem Regina...quite lovely. I love the imagery and the emotions connected with Fall. And your photos are always breathtaking and stunning.

jeannette stgermain said...

Fall is crying...you're starting with a great line! I love the poem, Regina.
And...your new blog look -very mysterious:)

elvira pajarola said...

Carissima Regina....Soooo kind of You to "check" on me and leaving the sweet wishes for me and my family......!!!!...Infact.....I AM BACK; after a complete break down of the Internet Connection...., si si,,, we are in Italy...things need a "lot" of time to get fixed...(the technician needed 7 days....anyway...I love Italy...even when things happen to go very slow...)
....But I am happy to be back in Cyber Space and see all your fabulous posts which I've missed!!!!!!

Fantastic Pics; both of them and very touching your lovely poem......!!!!

See You soon and thanks so much again for your sweet thoughts!!!!!
Un grande abbraccio elvira

Kilauea Poetry said...

I will be by shotly Jeannette..thanks for stopping by- your last post looks interesting!
Hey Elvira..you would not believe how many bloggers I've come across with computer problems..in addition to my own too! Glad your back- thanks for stopping by for this visit and for the update- Have a great day- (omgosh..it's almost the weekend)

Friko said...

love the photos, sweet poem. pretty blog.
greetings from a damp, grey and col UK.

Regina said...

Poignant but assuring. Love the poem so much. Like one day at a time. The photos are awesome. Love to see you my friend and your beautiful place.

PS.The red lighthouse and boat were taken at the port at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
All of my vacation pictures were stored and left in the computer of my in-laws in CA. (my nephew did it). A thousand of it.
I only saved few pics in my USB due to limited memory.
It was also timely and good because I just find out that the computer at home has no more spaced for big files and I was able to open a new Flicker pro account where my nephew was able to send most of the cruise pics. God is good.

The Lord shower you with His Blessings and cover you now with His love and keep you warm and safe always.


Kilauea Poetry said...

First, thanks for your uplifting visit! Wow, that's awesome..mine is really slow right now- I have to move on it! Sounds like a great idea-very timely and I like hearing where you visited. He is good! My very best to you- hope you have a great weekend ahead-

Flat Creek Farm said...

The poem is beautiful. And your photography is always amazing. I love the sunlight filtering through the leaves & vines. Thanks for always sharing such beauty! -Tammy

JM said...

The back light in the first photo makes it look like a beautiful curtain! Lovely!

ruma2008 said...

Deep emotion to the things leaving.

It may be the reason that Fall is the most artistic.

It is beautiful fate to leave as well as being born.

sojourner said...

lovely words - the photo at top was perfect for the poem and the photo at bottom was perfect for the end

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