Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Musings

My mind it grows dim
Here drifting like the mist
Only like a fog rolling in
I couldn't lift it

Well the sun's shinning through
The blinds
I swore I wiped um
Highlights the rings on the granite..
So I gaze up at my reflection
The ones I did in my hair
I rather like them better..

Yet like the dust
That's been collecting
Muscles getting softer
And I want to run
But I keep squinting at those blades
Like me, I don't see it
While the fan is spinning


Pacey said...

Ha, the words are wonderful Gina and that little kitty is so so cute...I want to cuddle her right now.

Rebecca said...

Ahhhh, cute kitty.

Regina said...

Wow. This is wonderful poem dear friend.
Drifting like the mist?
I'm longing to feel the wind blows in my hair...

From the Heart of Texas said...

Love your photos and the kitty is so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog this week.

sojourner said...

these musings are deep they have wiggle room for interpretation. reminds me of when i find myself in a blue place and don't feel like doing anything except pondering the wisdom of the ages, much like the cat; however, my childen call me lazy when i'm like that. So, the poem made me think: "lazy sleepy kitty cat! get a rag and dust those dirty blinds, Ha!

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